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Dinosaurs are a very popular theme. Not only in movies, nightmares and children’s fantasies… The casino world has also discovered dinosaurs and incorporated them into fun online slots. The most famous are, of course, the Jurassic Park slots, of which several versions have been marketed! There are many more. Time for a deep dive into the dino era where they still capture the imagination.

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Fascinated by dinosaurs? Then no doubt you also want to know what the best Dinosaurs slots are. We loved dinosaurs as kids. Add to that all those crazy Jurassic Park movies and you’ll understand, we just had to dedicate a complete theme page to these wonderful animals that we will unfortunately never see in real life. Or do those movies turn out to be more predictions than fantasy?

When were dinosaurs discovered?

Dinosaurs roamed the earth well before our time. Yet “we” (humans) have been aware of them for a relatively short time. Can you imagine the amazement of the person who dug out a dinosaur skeleton? To be precise, this happened in the early nineteenth century. A huge creature was discovered in a rock, preserved for many years. After that, large teeth and other fragments of dinos were discovered here and there.

Scientist Richard Owen was the one who put puzzle pieces in place and published about it in 1842. He noted that in each case it was a unique and enormous reptilian animal. Cold-blooded and bloodthirsty, too. Owen saw that the various finds must have belonged to one species and called them Dinosauria. The literal meaning: terrifyingly large reptiles.

Gradually, more and more dinosaur species were “discovered”. Of these, the best known are the stegosaurus (1870), triceratops (1880) and T-rex (1920). The first big-name dinosaur slot machine? Jurassic Park Online Slot (2014), available in our lobby.

Jurassic Park: the instigator of dino madness

You could actually find dinosaurs in children’s books and some boys’ products for a while after their discovery. It was only after the release of the movie Jurassic Park that these beasts became unprecedentedly popular.

Jurassic Park dates back to 1993 and was an instant hit. Graphically, the movie was tremendously well done. It looked to the viewer as if they themselves were in that terrifying position of the protagonists. However, the film is based on a book, so director Steven Spielberg does not deserve all (but still a lot) of credit for this film classic.

Jurassic Park was an intensely popular film at the time. For two years, for example, it was at the top of the best-selling films. And still the film is in the top 50 best attended films of all time. Pretty clever for such an oldie!

Dinosaurs Slots: Jurassic Park slots

Of course, such a beloved movie had to be made into a slot. Microgaming had the honor and thus launched the slot Jurassic Park in 2014. Of course, the slot is highly volatile, just like the movie and an average dinosaur. The return to player is 96.7%, which is nice, but the best thing about this slot is the graphics. Just like in the movie, you really imagine yourself among the dinos. They have additionally embellished this game with lots of free spins that they have named after the different dinosaurs. Jurassic Park is a slot that still has a lot of fans – again just like the movie.

After the Jurassic Park slot, the dinosaurs were allowed to reappear in a sequel: Jurassic World. Unfortunately, the return to player of this casino game is lower than the original at 96%.

Jurassic Park Gold is the latest successor to this top slot, released in 2022 by a Microgaming partner, Stormcraft. This slot has also taken a dive in terms of return-to-player. Never mind that these dinosaurs slots bring you back to the excitement of the movies in one fell swoop. Just like the movies, this slot has winners and losers.

This is how long ago the dinosaurs went extinct

When you think about it, it’s quite a bizarre thought. That today there are dinosaur slot machines – “entertainment boxes” that allow you to win money – that are based on animals from millions of years ago.

But how old are these found dinosaur skeletons really? In other words, when did they go extinct and how? That fateful day took place about 66 million years ago. As everyone knows from history books, an asteroid hit the earth. A lot of flora and fauna was lost. So were the dinosaurs. However, somehow not all animals died.

Some mammals somehow survived. For example, because they were small enough to take shelter. From those mammals that survived the asteroid all those millions of years ago, we eventually evolved. Who knows how it would have turned out for us if the dinosaurs had survived. We probably wouldn’t have been around then – or we would still have exterminated the dinosaurs ourselves because they would have been difficult to live with.

Will the dinosaurs come back again?

Whether dinosaurs will be brought back to life in the near future, we cannot yet say for sure. We would love to be able to walk around among the living dinosaurs, though. Until then, we also appreciate the thrills that dinosaur slots give us. Kind of safe, too. After all, we know after Jurassic Park that you don’t want to mess with nature too much….


  • What was the largest dinosaur?

    The largest dinosaur known to date is the Argentinosaurus, with an estimated length of over 40 metres and an estimated weight of over 70 tonnes. The Argentinosaurus was also the largest land creature to have ever existed on Earth.

  • What was the largest carnivorous dino?

    Many people think of the T-Rex, but however, there were bigger carnivores than the main star of Jurassic Park. The largest carnivore was the Spinosaurus, which was 4 metres longer than the T-Rex.

  • Do dragons come from dinosaurs?

    According to some experts, myths about dragons may have arisen because people sometimes saw exposed dinosaur skeletons after mudslides or while mining and digging. Dragons are also a familiar theme in the casino, often in the frameworks of Mythology or the Orient.

  • Which game developers have the best dinosaur games?

    Microgaming, Play ‘N Go, and Red Tiger Gaming are a few developers with a nice stock of dino-themed games. Microgaming in particular have access to the Jurassic Park/World licence, and are thus the exclusive developer of games about the (modern) classics.

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