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Mythical, fire-breathing dragons. Legendary in fiction, fantasy and in dragon slots. So what is this irresistible attraction of these majestic creatures? We delve into their history, significance, and slot presence.

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Dragons and casino games have always been a popular combination. These mythical, large, and terrifying creatures have an appeal that lends itself perfectly to exciting slots and other casino games. Consequently, there are numerous examples of slots with mysterious dragons as a theme. Immerse yourself in the flaming world of the dragon and discover the best dragon slots along the way.

History of dragons

Not only does the dragon appear in multiple mythologies such as that of the Chinese and Aztec, it is one of the oldest symbols in existence. The monstrous appearance of the dragon is often very imposing and frightening. Remarkably, however, in various cultures these figures have completely different characteristics. Sometimes they can spit fire and and fly in the process, while in other cultures they have no wings at all.

In terms of appearance, though, dragons in most cultures have similarities. Although it is not known exactly when the first legends about dragons originated, it is clear that the first stories arose thousands of years ago. Especially in China, the dragon still has an important meaning today. According to many, it originated in a dream after which the Yellow Emperor Huang Di was born. However, there are also many stories that the dragon originated in an ancient ritual.

The significance of the dragon

In Chinese mythology, there are different types of dragons, all with different colors. Again, these colors also have symbolic meanings. In total, there are thus four different dragons, each representing a different meaning.

Always useful to know which symbolism you are up against when playing dragon slots.

Black Dragon

The black dragon is the only kind of dragon associated with negative things. Thus, it represents greed and revenge. It is also often linked to serious events such as natural disasters, for example.

Red Dragon

In this regard, the red dragon is a lot better to be associated with. After all, it stands for happiness and is therefore often seen at certain celebrations such as weddings as a sign of joy and prosperity.

Blue Dragon

Actually, the blue and green dragon are seen as one in China because they have the same meaning. This one represents connection with nature, and brings health. There is also often a connection between the blue dragon and tranquility and peace.

Yellow Dragon

The yellow dragon plays the biggest role in Chinese mythology and is most revered. It is believed to ensure the transition of the seasons and also symbolizes wealth, power and good fortune, among other things.

Casino Games with Dragons

In online casinos, it won’t be hard to find games with dragons as a theme. There are dozens of slots to choose from, and virtually every well-known software provider has one or more slots centered around the dragon or Chinese mythology.

For those who prefer to play table games, there are also options. Dragon Tiger is a well-known live casino game which is very similar to Punto Banco or Baccarat. Before each round, players choose whether the dragon or tiger will win, or whether it will be a tie. Like many games in the live casino, it is published by Evolution Gaming and, as a player, you can try it for free before betting real money.


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