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Asian casino games are often as colorful as the continent itself. Dragons and Dynasties, and everything in between – read all about the wondrous Far East here and step into a totally different world for a moment!

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Until not so long ago, the Far East was a destination most people could only dream of. Literally even… After all, many Asian cultures are surrounded by mysticism. With languages, norms, religions and traditions completely unknown to us. In 2022, the Orient is closer than ever thanks to the Internet and other technology. Not least in online casinos, where slots enthusiasts can play a motley collection in the Orient theme. Think Koi Princess, Fortune Dragon, for example; who doesn’t know them?

Red Tiger Gaming is even such a fan of oriental dragons that they have released a series of slots featuring this mythical creature.

The cool thing about all these casino games? You are instantly immersed in the Orient and are in another world for a while. That said, will you join us?

What is the Orient?

There is regular confusion about what exactly is meant by the Orient. The Orient is “the east,” which of course is an awkward designation since the earth is round. In any case, it refers to east and southeast Asia. Think of the countries that make up a popular backpacking itinerary, such as Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Indonesia. China, Japan, Taiwan and Korea also fall under the Orient. Others believe it includes every Asian country, including India, for example. Still others believe that Oriental refers primarily to Japanese or Chinese. Cambridge Dictionary goes for option 1: the south and southeast of the Asian continent.

From nasi goreng to Kung-Fu and acupuncture

That countries in the Orient have a rich history in this area can certainly be said. Eastern cultures have many wonderful customs and have spawned much. Think of Oriental medicine and acupuncture. Or wonderful martial and defensive sports such as Kung-Fu and Muay Thai. Infinite great dishes that we love to eat, such as sushi and nasi goreng.

Games of chance in the Orient

Not only Mahjong comes from China… The playing cards you see in the many slots and table games of online casinos are probably also a Chinese invention. The Chinese had been playing cards much longer than we have. With or without a bet favored by these people. However, the communist regime put an end to legal gaming and it has therefore been banned for almost 75 years.

Nevertheless, the Chinese continue to enjoy playing, gambling, and developing Asian casino games. In fact, the Las Vegas of the Orient is located in China, of all places. In fact, far more money circulates in their city of Macau than in the American casino city. Made possible in part by Macau’s special political status, which exempts it from Chinese gaming laws.

Other Oriental countries also like to play with stakes. In Thailand, betting is the talk of the town and people like to play for money. Even though this is not officially allowed there, just like in China. Many people from these regions who visit other countries can be seen in the casinos. Sometimes it is even the main purpose of their vacation! So sometimes ‘the Orient’ escapes its own reality in other cultures. Confusing, but beautiful.

Superstition and symbolism: perfect for slots

So why do we see this Oriental culture so much in slots, even though they themselves are far from being allowed to play slots? The answer is quick to find. In various Oriental cultures and religions we see a lot of superstitions and symbolism. Many beliefs and symbols have to do with prosperity, luck and wealth. This makes the Orient a perfect inspiration for a slot game.

For example, the dragon symbolizes strength, wisdom and luck. Exactly what you can use when playing. No wonder, then, that a lot of slots with an Asian dragon theme exist.

Another creature from the Orient that regularly takes center stage in slots is the statue of the Japanese lucky cat, a somewhat chubby but content creature that often holds a large coin. This is because the cat is said to bring luck, the coin giving away in which area luck is desired.

You may also have come across the koi fish in the gaming offerings. Among other things, the fish symbolizes opulence in abundance, as well as long life.

Orient Slots with superstitions for extra luck (and wins)

Virtually all slot developers have developed one or more slots with an Oriental theme. Which are also almost always full of symbolism. That financially lucky cat we see, for example, in the slot Lucky Fortune Cat from Red Tiger Gaming.

The Taiwanese money tree, which symbolizes abundance, is also incorporated into slots. For example, Red Tiger Gaming has put out a strong slot with Fortune House, in which this little tree gives you perks.

Happy Chinese New Year in the online casino

Regular casino players will know when Chinese New Year arrives, because that’s when a number of slots in this theme are released again. For example, Year ofthe Dragon and Year of the Tiger from Play’n GO have been released in celebration of the new years.


  • Which countries are in the Orient?

    As mentioned earlier, the exact definition is unclear, but a good guideline is: the countries east of Myanmar and China, and north of Australia.

  • What is the largest country in the Orient?

    China is one of the largest countries in the world (apart from Russia and Canada) and thus also by far the largest country in the Far East.

  • Where does the word Orient come from?

    The word derives from Latin, namely the word “orientis” which translates to “the rising sun” or “the east”. Japan is also often referred to as the “land of the rising sun”, and the Japanese flag depicts a red morning sun for this reason.

  • What are the best Orient-themed Casino Games?

    The Legend of Shangri-La: Cluster Pays is a classic. Furthermore, the games 88 Fortunes and Shaolin Spin are strong recommendations for a stylish slots experience with beautiful thematic decorations.

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