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With St. Patty’s, there’s plenty of reason for casinos to pull out all the stops. And with this Irish theme, there’s plenty of luck in the air. Find yer pot o’ gold!

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It’s almost time for the world’s greenest holiday: St. Patrick’s Day! Celebrated worldwide, this Irish parade brings plenty of reason for celebration. You can count on a wonderful evening of real Irish partying and boozing. That sounds like music to our ears! Whether that has more to do with pints of Guinness or St. Patrick’s Day … that’s up to you.

The St. Patrick’s Day celebration is also reason enough for Casinos to pull out all the stops. Because with this Irish theme, there’s obviously plenty of luck in the air. Not to mention more chances to find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

St Patrick’s Day History

Despite the fact that this celebration really comes from Ireland, it is celebrated worldwide. We have the Irish emigration wave in the 19th century to thank for that. Especially in The East Coast of the United States, and the United Kingdom, of course, they grab any excuse for a party by the reins. There they have the biggest parades of the year. Even the President of America gleefully participates by turning his front yard fountain green. Bottom line.

We celebrate with St. Patrick’s Day the life of St. Patricius, who single-handedly converted “pagan” Ireland to Christianity in the 4th century. Or well, not all of Ireland but at least a few thousand Irish. That was quite an achievement for the time. Less than 200 years later, all of Ireland was converted. The church crowned St. Patricius the patron saint of Ireland. That’s how it went. One of his first actions as patron saint? Introducing the shamrock as a national symbol. When Patricius died on March 17, the date was christened St. Patrick’s Day. Since then, these celebrations of St. Patricius’ life have blossomed into the grand celebration that is St. Patty’s Day!

St Patrick’s Day Traditions

Worldwide, there are absurdly many different traditions and ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. For example, in Dublin where the celebration lasts for four days! All over the world you can find several crazy celebrations and festivals. We’ve picked some of the cutest St. Patrick’s Day traditions for you.

And the color is…

The official color for St. Patty’s is: green! The color of almost all of Ireland, clovers and the packs of leprechauns. Wrap yourself, everything and everyone in green. Add a traditional red beard or wig, and you’re all set!

Traditional Irish folk music

This Irish music can be heard all over the world on March 17. You can hear a “fiddle” or three on almost every parade float. Folk tunes are also a favorite in pubs while enjoying traditional black beer.

Pinching, pitting and prancing

If you’re not dressed in green, don’t be surprised if you feel a pinch here and there. Legend has it that only he who is dressed up on St. Patricks Day will be spared the grasping fingers of the leprechauns. With a few drinks in, there are bound to be some who will take it upon themselves to carry on these traditions.

Salted beef and cabbage

A “traditional Irish” dish invented by Americans. How could it be otherwise. “Corned Beef and Cabbage” is massively eaten and prepared on March 17. You can find it on almost every parade corner and in every pub. By now, even in Ireland.

Top activities

During St. Patty’s, there is plenty to do. Many towns and villages envelop themselves in green, and the festivities are not only there for the elderly and the adults, also children have plenty to do on St. Patrick’s day. We have listed some of our favorites.

  • Pub crawls: Not for kids, of course. But with the array of pub crawls around the country, we couldn’t pass it up. All participating pubs are transformed into a true green party cafe. Sing, dance, cry, pray, laugh and drink Guinness!
  • Follow a workshop: Throughout St. Patty’s week, there are plenty of different workshops being held throughout the country. Go make Irish music, art or food, with your friends or your family. As far as we’re concerned, the golden tip for getting into the festive mood already.
  • Festive folk live classes: Now you may be thinking, “that’s part of workshops, isn’t it? And sure it is, but dance classes deserve extra attention on March 17. After all, it is true Irish tradition to learn traditional dancing on St. Patrick’s day. In fact, it is offered by several dance schools at each festival. The traditional dance moves make for hilarious entertainment.
  • St. Patty’s party games: Our top tip for entertainment for the whole family. Make it entertaining at home yourself by playing a game of potato bowling. Find gnomes, throw rings or craft a beautiful tall green gnome hat.

Top 5 extraordinary St Patrick’s Day facts

  • Some 13 million Guinnesses are drunk worldwide on March 17. On a normal day it is about 4 million worldwide.
  • Originally not green but blue: St. Patrick’s Day is actually blue, as that was the color of St. Patricius. Since Ireland is the green island, they officially changed the color to green. It also makes much more sense with the shamrock.
  • In 1962, Chicago first painted its river green in honor of St. Patty’s day. Every year, Chicago paints its river green with eco-friendly paint. It then remains totally poison green for 4-5 hours.
  • There is no evidence of the canonization of St. Patricius, and some wonder if it ever happened at all.
  • In Argentina, they celebrate the third largest St Patrick’s Day in the world!

St Patrick’s Day Slots & Games

St. Patrick Day is a theme that lends itself perfectly to a slot machine. Clovers that serve for good luck as symbols. Leprechauns guarding their gold, and Irish folk music. Here are our favorite slots in St. Patrick’s Day theme.

9 pots of gold – Microgaming/Gameburg Studios

Not one, but 9 pots of gold are hopefully waiting for you in this slot! This game is a successor to 9 Masks of Fire, which has a similar game design. Cheerful bagpipe music, four-leaf clovers and a pipe-smoking gnome take you completely into the Irish atmosphere. You play on a 5×3 playing field and there are up to 20 paylines. The payout percentage is 96.24%, which is quite good for an average slot machine. What you want to look out for most in this game are, of course, the pots of gold. With any 3 pots on the screen, you already win, and with the maximum 9 pots on the reels, your bet is multiplied by 200x!

Leprechaun Goes Wild – Play ‘n Go

This slot machine centers on the red-headed leprechaun, the protagonist of Irish folklore. The game is set in a typical Irish landscape, with hills in the background and mysterious carved stones. The playing area consists of 5 reels and 4 rows and you bet from 0.20 to 100 per spin. The RTP is at 96.2%. The leprechaun is also the wild and 5 of these will instantly earn you 40x in your bet! Also look out for the four-leaf clovers that serve as scatters. Three or more of them will win you at least 7 free spins that can go up to 15.

Irish Potluck – Netent

As you might expect from an Irish slot machine, you’ll see our good-humored Irish friend, four-leaf clovers and horseshoes pop up. The colors splash off your screen on this slot, making this slot look very cheerful. At the top of the screen you will see the following 3 jackpots:

  • Mini jackpot of 20
  • Mid jackpot of 100
  • Mega jackpot of 5000

Spin 3 jackpot symbols to activate the Jackpot Wheel Feature. Spin the green arrow on the wheel 3 times in a row to win the Mega Jackpot of 5000! Furthermore, 3 golden rainbows will earn another 10 free spins. The variance of Irish Potluck is at low to medium.

Rain Balls – Skywind Group

A video slot with a different twist! In Rain Balls, elements of pinball machines are combined with an online slot machine. Beer barrels, horseshoes harps and leprechaun hats fly around your ears in this pinball inspired slot machine. You play on classic 5×3 playfield with 15 paylines. At the bottom of the playfield are 5 golden pots, 3 of which have a bonus feature. You unlock a (pin)ball by making a winning combination with four-leaf clovers, and with a bit of luck the ball lands in a golden pot with bonus feature. The bet values are between 0.75 and 300, which is higher than for most slots. Ideal for high rollers looking for an original slot machine!


  • How much Guiness is drunk every year on St Patricks Day?

    Some 13 million Guinnesses will be drunk worldwide on March 17. (And on a normal day, that’s about 4 million worldwide).

  • Where does the colour green of St Patricks Day come from?

    Originally not green but blue. St Patrick’s Day is actually blue, as that was the colour of St Patrick. But because Ireland is the green island, they officially changed the colour to green. It also makes much more sense with the shamrock.

  • What are the most notable St Patricks Day expressions?

    In 1962, Chicago had its first river greenpainted in honour of St. patty’s day. Every year, Chicago dyes its river green with eco-friendly paint. It then remains totally poison green for 4-5 hours.

  • Is the reason for St Patricks Day actually based on truth?

    There is no evidence of the canonisation of St Patricius, and some question whether it ever happened at all.

  • In Argentina, they celebrate the third largest St Patrick’s Day in the world!

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