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Why watch candidates win on TV game shows when you can win them yourself with TV slots? Experience the best of both worlds!

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After work, it is tempting to plop on the couch in front of the TV. After work, it’s also tempting to plop down at work with iPad, laptop or phone in hand and start playing at your favorite casino. Choices, choices! But why not do both? And we don’t mean playing on your phone while watching TV with half an eye. No, there are plenty of slots with a TV theme where you are the contestant of your favorite television show. And let’s face it, that’s much more fun, isn’t it?

On this page you will find a complete overview of all game shows on TV that you can also play (and thus win) online. For all series and movies we would like to refer you to our other pages, because there you will also find plenty of slots that you can play yourself!


With over a hundred channels and “view on demand,” television has become very individualistic. How different it used to be, when TV was considered a social activity that you undertook with the whole family. The offerings were smaller and also far from 24/7. In the morning you had children’s programs, at six and eight the news and on Saturday night a game show that you all sat down for. Now there are TV slots, too!

Yet this tradition has not completely disappeared. Game shows still fill prime time airtime on the major channels, especially on weekends. Accordingly TV slots have been made from many of these programs.

Game Show Live Casino

Among game developers, this popularity with the general public does not go unnoticed. All the ratings cannons have a nice slot machine version where you can finally be the star of the show yourself within many Live casino adaptations of TV shows.

Are you a fan of spinning the wheel on the Wheel of Fortune? Consider Adventures Beyond Wonderland or Spin A Win. The Greatest Cards Show Live is a great option for those of you who like odds games like Deal or No Deal. Football Studio, Dream Catcher, and many more Live Studio Games bring the experience of being a game show contestant yourself, including the possibility of high rewards for winning!


  • What are the funniest TV programme-based Casino Games?

    Rad of Fortune, Deal or No Deal, Britain’s go Talent and Gordon Ramsey’s hells kitchen. Note that the games often have the English name. So for example, don’t search Wheel of Fortune slot machine, but Wheel of Fortune slot machine.

  • Have TV programmes ever started in the casino?

    Yes. The Poker Series broadcast by Veronica for almost 12 years had been taken straight from the casinos. For a long time, it was legal to watch poker tournaments on TV, but not legal to play poker yourself at an online casino. Fortunately, this is different now.

  • What is the longest-running game show on Dutch television?

    Per seconde wijzer is the longest-running game show in the Netherlands. This quiz was first shown in 1967, the same year colour television was invented. Nowadays, Erik Dijkstra is the presenter.

  • Are any television presenters visiting the casino?

    Ali B has often been spotted at the casino. The same goes for Jan Smit. There are also female presenters who like to visit the casino, such as Jessica Broekhuis. In addition, well-known footballers in particular are often seen bn’ers in the casino!

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