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St. Valentine’s Day. The annual festival of love, admiration, romance and friendship. Some can’t wait to smother their valentine with affection while others think it’s a commercial monstrosity. You can love it or hate it but either way, you can’t escape it. Rest assured though, we’ll help you make the most out of this year’s Valentine’s Day!

We’ve listed the best surprises & Valentine games. To round it off we’ve got some unexpected insights about the day of love. Enjoy.

The beste Valentine’s day games

On holidays like Valentine’s Day you can be certain that you’ll get some good bonuses. That’s why we featured a couple of games for you. Playing for the first time at Mobile Wins Casino & Sports? Then you’ll also profit from our Welcome Bonus. Returning players can expect bonuses as well. For example some free spins, or a deposit bonus. In short: all you need for a win… is love.

Top 5 Date Surprises for Valentine‘s Day

  1. Take your date out to a romantic dinner for two
    Studies show that men love to give dinners to their date. Even better, women love to receive a romantic dinner. It’s the ultimate win-win situation. Lit candles and some music to swoon by. A guaranteed success, which is something we love. 
  2. A dreamy Valentine’s day bouquet
    When you say Valentine’s Day, we say: gorgeous red roses. What could be more romantic than a dazzling bouquet of flowers for your Valentine? Well… you can of course give them yourself. You can have them delivered as well. Have them delivered at your Valentine’s work. This will do wonders since all their colleagues will love you as well. 
  3. Free Spins and Bonuses for your Valentine
    Maybe not the most typical Valentine gift, but romantic nonetheless. You’ve put time into winning those Free spins. Instead of using them yourself, you’ll give them to your Valentine. Now that’s an innovative gift.  
  4. Plan a romantic walk
    For a romantic date you don’t have to look far. These days you can find a walking route for every town, city or village. Being active together is always nice, and you never lose the topic of conversation. You can simply talk about your surroundings.
  5. Join in at the Online Live Casino
    Pull out your best valentine’s outfits and play a round of Roulette and Blackjack together. Share the fun and excitement of the Online Live Casino. You can take the profit and book a romantic weekend away. 

Not too big on surprises? We get that, it’s not for everybody. Sometimes you just need a little ‘me time.’ In other words, let’s take a look at entertaining Valentine’s-Day-games.

The Casino during Valentine’s Day

The day of love is a Casino theme favourite. When you walk into the Casino you’ll notice there are many Valentine-prices to win. Maybe you’ll win a romantic visit to another city. Or a dinner for two.

On Valentine’s Day there is no need to go to a location based Casino. There are countless valentine offers at Online Casino’s. There are so many Valentine’s Day themed games, and they’re all decked out in love hearts and other romantic things.

Online you can win just as many prizes as in a regular casino. We’ve put the most fun games on a list for you. With this cupid’s bow will never miss.

Uncommon Valentine’s Day facts

Here is some stuff you probably didn’t know about Valentine’s day. 

  • In 496, February 14th was christened Valentine’s Day
    St Valentine’s Day is named after the sacred St Valentine. Nobody knows who this Saint actually was. What we do know is that this festival of love is posed to replace the old Lupercalia, an ancient Roman pagan love-festival that used to be celebrated on February 15th. 
  • The first written love poem
    Every year a lot of cards are written on Valentine’s Day. The oldest Valentine card known to us was written on February 14th in 1415 by Charles from Orléans. He wrote in captivity to his love during the Hundred Years’ War. In other words there’s no excuse not to send cards, if Charles could do it so can you.
  • The day of disaster
    February 14 is the birthday of Judas the Traitor. In Germany they don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day at all. February 14 is the day of disaster. You can imagine that leaves very little room for love.
  • Teachers receive the most Valentine cards
    With Valentine’s Day, you don’t just have to surprise your lover. It’s also a perfect day to say “thank you.” Think about who you can say ‘thank you’ to and send a card or a text. There’s no doubt that that person will really appreciate your reaching out.
  • Sending all the flowers in the world
    Did you know that 73% of those who buy flowers on Valentine’s Day are actually men. And 15% of the remaining percentages are women… Who send flowers to themselves!

Valentine News

  • Valentines Day Casino Bonus
    Valentine’s Day is around the corner and we are spreading the love by celebrating this day of roses, cards and flirts by bringing you bonuses, free spins and multipliers! So, even if you are spending this Valentine alone, you can join us at our other party called February Fiesta. You are going to love this!

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