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After making the shores of Europe unsafe centuries ago, Vikings have now conquered online casinos!

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When we talk about casino Vikings, we don’t mean a group of Scandinavian savages marauding from casino to casino. The Vikings in the casino are encountered in an impressive collection of Vikings casino slots. After all, what is this attraction that these people of old still evoke? Time to dive into the phenomenon of vikings and their lore!

More than plunderers

Vikings are also referred to as the pirates of Scandinavia. Ferocious seafarers who went on a voyage of discovery and plundered along the way. The Norwegian word Vikingr therefore means “one who fights at sea” or “robber”. Yet the real story of the Nordic people is a bit more nuanced, and those back home were mostly engaged in agricultural farming.

The people who lived between 800 and 1100 in Norway, Sweden and Denmark are also called the Norsemen. They had their own culture and religion, which left a mark on the rest of Europe as far away as Greenland and Canada. For example, did you know that the Bluetooth symbol is an ancient Viking rune representing the initials of a Viking King?

3 Viking facts

When you see casino vikings spinning the reels you sometimes want to forget that they were real people of flesh and blood. Curious about some interesting facts about them? Here they comeā€¦

They had excellent hygiene

Between looting and fighting, the Vikings also paid attention to personal hygiene. In fact, razors, tweezers and even ear cleaners(!) made from animal bones and antlers have been found during burials. They also bathed at least once a week, which for that time was exceptionally frequent compared to other Europeans.

The Vikings were spread across the north

The Vikings is an umbrella term for the entire seafaring section that went on a voyage of discovery or plunder. It does not refer to one population, however, as the north was divided at the time. There were several chiefs fighting each other in Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Today, Casino Vikings are trying to conquer most of the players.

Women had basic rights

Although the Nordic folk married very young, with the girls as young as 12, they still had more freedom than other women of the time. For example, they could inherit land, file for divorce and had the right to demand the dowry back after divorce. Vikings also often did not live beyond 30 or 40 years of age and died prematurely due to illness and violence.

Top 3 best Viking movies and series

To get in the mood for Vikings casino slots, we list the best Viking movies and series for you. From classics, to the latest series. Immerse yourself in the times of explorers, plunderers and Norse Gods!


This TV series is based on Ragnar Lodbrok, a legendary Norwegian Viking. In the show, you will see how Ragnar began as a peasant, then later plundered England and eventually became a Scandinavian king. Vikings has already won several awards due in part to its engaging characters, great battles and a glimpse into the culture of the Vikings.

Vicky the Viking

A lot less rugged, but no less entertaining! An absolute childhood hero for many generations. In this old family film you follow the young Viking Vicky, who unlike his strong and boorish relatives is actually gentle and full of good ideas. Under the motto “He who is not strong must be clever,” Vicky tries to outwit the other pirates who have kidnapped his friends not with brute force, but with a good brain. A true classic!


Set in the 7th century in Scandinavia, this Netflix series is full of dry humor and funny situations. As such, the comedy series was a big hit both in Norway and abroad. Beautiful landscapes and ancient Celtic music pass by and you follow a bizarre Chieftain trying to lead a village amidst other violent tribes. Norsemen has also been mentioned in the same breath as Monthy Python and Game of Thrones. Part of the link with the latter also has to do with the clothing, as the same costumes were used for this series. That must have saved on sewing costs!


  • When did the Vikings live?

    From roughly 800 to 1100. So the coasts of Europe were made unsafe for about 300 years.

  • What is the difference between Vikings and Normans?

    Although the terms are regularly used interchangeably, there is a difference. Vikings or Normans were Scandinavian inhabitants of Denmark, Sweden and (southern) Norway. But Norsemen is the term for the entire population group, while Vikings refers to the group that went into Europe with boats for plundering.

  • Who are the most famous Vikings?

    We’ll stick to a Top 5 – which includes many names that will be familiar to fans of the iconic TV series Vikings. 1. Ragnar Lothbrok 2. Bjorn Ironside 3. Harald 4. Sweyn Forkbeard 5. Ivar the Boneless

  • How many Vikings slots are there?

    Given the speed at which new slots are developed, it is not possible to mention a fixed number. After all, by the time you read this, another new Vikings slot machine may already have been developed. By 2022, at least, there were about 60(!).

  • Why are there so many Vikings slots?

    It is sometimes said that this is because so many major production studios come from Scandinavia (or were founded by Scandinavians). This will no doubt allow the theme to be brought to the table faster with developers, but apart from that: Vikings stir something in almost everyone. The rich culture, lore and imaginative famous and infamous Vikings – both men and women – are a grateful and inexhaustible source of inspiration!

  • What are the best Vikings slots?

    A matter of taste, of course. We have already put down 5 top titles in the article: Vikings Unleashed Megaways – Viking Queen – Viking Runecraft – Gates of Valhalla – Vikings (branded TV slot). Some titles we would like to add are Vikings Go Berzerk from Yggdrasil, Power of Thor Megaways from Pragmatic Play, Battle Maidens from 1X2 Gaming and, of course, Thunderstruck II from Microgaming and Hall of Gods from NetEnt.

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