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Put on your cowboy boots and take a sip of whiskey; it’s time to travel to the wild west. Like movies set in the wild west, casino western video slots offer you a breathtaking backdrop of vast deserts and ranches. With a single spin you travel back in time and come face to face with sheriffs, cowboys, and Indians.

Online slots often have a rousing game play, and that means it never gets boring in games with this theme. We already have our hat on and are ready to show you the saloon. Keep your thumb on the trigger, partner.


From the 17th century to the 1900’s, the Wild West was one of the roughest places on earth and (according to legends) not a day went by without a gunfight or a bank being robbed by outlaws.

Western stories and legends were already a rewarding subject for fiction in the 19th century and would later be widely used in the film industry in western films. Meanwhile, the same was true in the world of video slots. After all, this was the time when the sheriff was always right and the cowboy was still the superhero.

The wild west is still considered one of the most popular themes for online casino games and especially for online slots. The wild west as we imagine it today is long gone, but we still regularly return to the western US through movies and slots. Thanks to slots with a western theme, you don’t have to spend 3 hours watching a movie and you can just spin at your favorite online casino.

Traditions Western

There are a number of game themes that are used quite frequently as inspiration by providers. Some examples are games with an Egyptian theme, Greek theme, but also those with a wild west theme.

With western slots, it is worth noting that stereotypes from books, movies, or series are also reflected in the games. For example:

  • There is always a hero: and that role is normally reserved for the cowboy.
  • There’s always a bad guy: often the bad guy is reflected both in the symbols and in the playing field itself; although it’s possible that even the bad guy can produce winning combinations.
  • There is always a sheriff: chances are that there is also a sheriff waiting for you in the game. This may be in the form of the sheriff himself or at least via a sheriff star.
  • There is always a gun in the game: or a revolver. Often the gun is one of the symbols on the reels. Whether it is also very profitable depends on the game itself.
  • More often about cowboys than Indians: just as fascinating as cowboys are obviously Indians, although most slot machines revolve around cowboys anyway.

Top 5 things to do with western games

It doesn’t get much more adventurous than a western game. By preparing well, you’ll be in a strong position during your confrontation with villains and bad guys. We therefore recommend that you go through the following steps:

  • Search and find: go to the lobby and search by title, game maker, or category to come out with western-themed games. We recommend Golden Colts (which is a crossover with another cinema classic – Zombies!)
  • Save a list: again, several online casinos do offer the option to create a list of favorite games. Take advantage of this option and save your favorite games so you are immediately ready for your next adventure.
  • Claim your bonus: see if your casino bonus is valid for your favorite western online slot game. The games that are included or excluded are listed in the bonus terms for each promotion.
  • Keep an eye on the western tournaments: These are linked to themes, providers, or events. Keep an eye on the promotions page.
  • Prepare for high volatility: games with high action usually also have high volatility. Keep this in mind. Western slots take you back to a time when the risk is high, but the rewards are as high if not higher – if you survive, that is.

Western Bonuses

Western slots are so common that there are also a lot of online slot games in this category. Since the number of wild west games is so large, there are also a lot of games of this theme that qualify for casino bonuses.

These include regular bonuses such as welcome bonuses, deposit bonuses, and free spins bonuses. In addition, western tournaments also occur where rankings are used and the best performing players are rewarded. Because western is a game theme rather than a holiday or event, western bonuses are somewhat less common.

Features slots with western theme

Most people who like western movies will have a soft spot for video slots with a western theme. Games with this theme are easily identified by an interplay between the playfield, the audio, and the symbols on the reels.

  • Symbols: the game symbols in western games are broadly similar and represent everything you can think of in this theme: guns, cowboys, sheriff’s insignia, bottles of whiskey, money, and “Most Wanted” posters.
  • Special features: just like in classic games, you can also enjoy games with advanced features and special bonus rounds in western games. These are usually linked to a particular symbol or a stereotypical western situation such as a showdown between two cowboys facing each other.
  • Audio: we don’t have to explain to you what wild west music sounds like, there are different variations within this musical style from saloon ragtime to ominous guitar strums and harmonica rips. Games with a western theme can have both rousing and ominous audio.


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