How to play: Craps variants

Ready to learn more about craps? Read this article and find all the different and exciting betting options!

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In this article, you are able to read all about how to play the well-known casino game ‘Craps’, also known as dice. However, as indicated, in this new article we delve a bit deeper into the specific profit margins and additional bets, which are also available when playing the game with craps variants.

After all, the aim is to gamble on the outcome of the eyes being thrown and if that doesn’t go well the first time, you can get a second chance via the Point sub-game. The game comes with different rules, such as Come, Don’t Come, Pass Line, Don’t Pass Line and, of course, Point. Obviously, the course of the game directly affects your chances of winning, which depends on your bet or prediction.

Raise bets

Craps has a deeper layer to it and that is the profit margins that vary based on additional bets. Depending on the type, these are only available once a Point is established and once that is the case, you can raise your bet and bet on additional opportunities. We set those out below including usual profit margins.

Snake Eyes

Twice a 1 on both tiles together makes Snake Eyes. The odds of this happening are 1 in 36, putting the payout on success at 30 times the bet. However, the odds for the house are very high, making it a particularly risky bet. It can produce a good win, but the chances of it falling are very minimal.

Ace Deuce

This is a fairly simple bet, as you are then betting that the point total will be three. In this, one tile will have to have 1 and the second 2 eyes, which together makes an Ace Duece. If the bet is correct, then you can win 15 times your stake. The odds of this being thrown are 2 in 36. Additionally, the payout is not extremely high, making it a favourable one for the house. If you win, however, there is a nice profit margin.


With this bet, you bet on 11 being thrown immediately. This is with the odds being as low as with an Ace Deuce. Again, the odds are 2 in 36, making the payout on a successful bet at 15 times the bet. Like the Ace Deuce, it’s a bet that mainly pays the house some dividends and shouldn’t be employed too often, as the chances of picking up a profit are quite low.


Like Snake Eyes, the odds of this falling are 1 in 36, as both dice have to end in 6. This creates a point total of 12 and if this is the case, then the bet will be paid out times 30. Despite the fact that even with this outcome the odds of winning are low, it is a very popular betting option that is often employed in the game.

Field Bet

One of the most common and safe bets, as the odds of winning here are 5 in 4, since you are betting that the outcome will be 3, 4, 9, 10 and 11. As a result, the payout is also one to one and cannot necessarily be called a lucrative bet. That said, it is a safe way to enjoy the game for longer.

Big Red

This bet is also very common and you then bet that the shooter throws 7 on his next shot. Since there is a 6 in 36 chance of this number being thrown, it is a common result on a throw. As a result, the payout is four times the bet, which can make it a reasonable amount. However, the probability of the house winning is almost 17%, which is a peak. This means Big Red is not necessarily the best choice. Indeed, it is a popular option, but statistically it is a pretty poor bet.

With all these specific bets, we are not there yet. For instance, there are also so-called ‘Multi Roll Bets’, which can thus also be bet on. We will come back to that next week.

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