Chelsea vs Manchester City Predictions

This week’s most anticipated match is that of Chelsea and Manchester City. Both teams have started post-lockdown where they left in march; winning! Chelsea has beaten Aston Villa last Sunday, while the blue side of Manchester is already two out of two. Although Manchester City is comfortable on the second place and has probably no participation in next year’s Champions League, predictions of the club taking it easy can be taken out with the trash.

Guardiola’s team actually seem more eager than ever and remind us of the two last seasons more than anything. Scoring 8-0 against Burnley and Arsenal (despite making eight changes to the starting eleven) is leaving a message; this club is a fortress of quality and pride, despite what is at stake. It also shows the depth and broadness of the selection, something that is more accentuated by the five-sub rule.
Despite all this quality and dominating, the title is out of sight with a gap of twenty points to Liverpool. A gap about the size of the Grand Canyon at this stage of the season. The dethroning of Guardiola and his men is just a matter of time. Although Liverpool’s draw against Everton and the fact that Liverpool and Manchester City will meet at the 2nd of July might spark some lost hope to at least hold their all time points record.

Chelsea FC
2 - 1
Manchester City FC
Week 31
Stamford Bridge

Lampard’s Stamford Bridge

Before we get to that apotheose though, there is first a hurdle with the name of Chelsea to be taken at Stamford Bridge. This is nothing short of a challenge of its own for the other blues. It will be the first away game and the first true test for Guardiola. The last away game against Manchester United (March 8!) was no succes. Out of the seven losses thus far for MC, five came from away games.
Lampard knows how to play Manchester City as he has a history there after leaving Chelsea in 2014 for MC as one of the PL’s greatest players ever. Now Lampard is on his way to establish himself the same reputation as a coach. With a relatively young and inexperienced squad due to a transfer ban, he is still well on his way to a Champion’s League ticket. Nothing short of impressive. With the foxes drawing against Brighton & Hove Albion and thus not profiting from the lockdown break, third place is now even in sight for Lampard’s men. We are looking forward to seeing Chelsea next year with signings Hakim Ziyech and Timo Werner.

Chelsea vs Manchester City Predictions

Although Chelsea is doing great, there is also still a lot to be fixed. Let’s call it growth potential. Manchester City in their current form is almost unbeatable, even for Liverpool at the moment. Our prediction is that Manchester City will win this, but Chelsea does manage to score. A draw would be great for Chelsea and a win would make Lampard immortal. Allez les Bleus!

Chelsea FCCFC
Manchester City FCMNC