Evil Geniuses vs Business Associates DOTA 2

The match between Evil Geniuses and Business Associates at the DOTA 2 ESL Los Angeles is a typical favourite versus underdog fight. Though EG comes with two replacements; will they still be ready to defend their position in the tournament? Disclaimer: this prediction holds no april fools jokes!

the favourite

EG is considered (and in ranking) the strongest team in the NA region. The team hasn’t got the best season ever thus far, though they haven’t experienced any problems qualifying in the ONE Esports Dota 2 World Pro Invitational and the DreamLeague. Though the finals were lost against Vici Gaming and in a bitter fight against Team Secret. With many tournaments to come, the Evil Geniuses are already certain of participating on the big stage.
In the WeSave Charity Play tournament, EG felt comfortable playing with substitutes. Ryoya and BuLba were replaced by Abed and Ramzes666. A set up they kept for this tournament. They have to win against the Business Associates, who are the outsiders of this group to remain in the top brackets of the play-offs.

the underdog>

The odds are clearly not in favour of the Business Associates, and it is for good reason. EG beat them in the WeSave Charity tournament just 10 days ago. Though it was not a loss for BA without any hope. With a 2-1 loss, there was a sign that they actually stand a chance. Would they have learned enough and come up with some new tricks? Hopefully, since the associates have lost their last 6 matches in a row. Thus far, this Long Angeles 2020 hasn’t done them much good. This match against the Evil Geniuses will be their last chance to make anything out of the tournament and to restore their faith in themselves for the months to come.

We wouldn’t advise betting on Business Associates in their current form. Winning only 43% of their matches this season thus far. The odds for EG as winner of this match are not really worth it though, so look for more creative bets. In games like these, your knowledge of individual players is where you can shine in terms of betting!

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