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Which is older – iGaming or Playtech? Tough question to answer. That’s how important this company is!

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If you mention the name Playtech, you are talking about the largest online igaming platform in the world. Playtech began its operations back in 1999. The company was founded in Estonia. Since then, Playtech has grown into a global company. Moreover, the company has a high listing on the London Stock Exchange. Playtech is everywhere, especially if you like gaming.

Collaborating with 170 market players

Of course, Playtech could not do this on its own. The company has become so big and strong by working emphatically with lots of partners from the gaming industry. The fact that Playtech has become a global company can also be seen in the figures known about the company. For example, Playtech employs 6,400 people. These go to work every day in offices spread across 24 countries. They work with as many as 170 licensees worldwide!

Everything is connected

The strength of the company lies mainly not in simplicity. In fact, Playtech combines everything together. They themselves speak of “cross-platform capability” in this context. This means that Playtech has linked together all the platforms on which you can play games. As a player, you can log in on all these platforms with the same account and thus with the same wallet. So you play with one and the same account on a digital cabinet, on your tablet, or on your phone. There you can choose from all kinds of activities. For example, casino, poker, bingo, sports betting, live gaming and exciting gambling games.

Cross-platform, geographically categorized

To stay at the forefront, Playtech is constantly developing software of the highest quality. The company is very adamant about that. The cross-platform strategy is always at the forefront here. This sophisticated strategy also ensures extremely high growth rates at the company. For example, Playtech’s turnover can grow by 13 percent in a single year. The world is divided into pieces. Playtech’s customers can thus expand step by step in ever new geographical markets. In this way, ever newer groups of players benefit from ever newer games.

What can you do at Playtech?

Let’s highlight some of those activities. Let’s start with casino games. This is already a portfolio to be deeply in awe of. Playtech offers more than 600 different casino games worldwide. All playable on different devices, based on the aforementioned cross-platform strategy. Additionally you can also play live Casino games. During sports events, you get wonderful sports challenges on screen, which in many cases you can also gamble at. This also includes sports games in 3D. You see a beautiful image, where it seems like you are sitting in the stands.

From iPoker to the jackpot

Even in more traditional games, Playtech is by far the strongest. How about a game of iPoker? Playtech has a dominant presence on the global iPoker Network. When it comes to Bingo, by the way, Playtech also has the very best to offer. Not only in terms of the quality of each game. The variety of games on offer is also by far the greatest. Again, the games can be played via all kinds of platforms. And did you perhaps wonder where the slot machine has gone? That actually seems impossible because you find them almost everywhere. Playtech slot machines run on more than 40,000 servers worldwide. They ensure that you can play every game at the highest level. And if you are lucky, the system will pay you the jackpot.

Playtech also strong in the business world

But gaming is not the only activity in which Playtech excels. The company is also taking an increasingly strong position in the business market. It proves that meticulous game development also provides a perfect basis for the world of commerce and services. For example, Playtech offers complete marketing solutions. You keep your customer base in it and organize all kinds of campaigns that increase sales for your company. By the way, Playtech is also a very deserving producer in the financial world. For example, Playtech provides financial trading platforms and offers all kinds of liquidity services.

Conclusion Playtech, there is no way around it

There is no way around it. When you play games, gamble or virtually participate in sporting events, you are guaranteed to end up in Playtech’s network. A European company with the most successful online portfolio, operating in its field since 1999. The advantage of so much experience and quality is that you can be sure you’re in the right place. So if you take your virtual steps in this area, we wish you a lot of fun. We hope you enjoy everything Playtech has to offer!

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