What phone to buy for our casino?

Thinking of buying a new phone? There are many things to consider when choosing a phone; camera, memory and of course compatibility with online mobile casinos! We aren’t experts on hardware or camera, but we do know what makes a phone a good casino phone. So that is why Mobile Wins decided to write you a top 5 of current phones on the market that are guaranteed to give you a superb gaming experience. These are all premium phones though and not accessible for any wallet, that’s why we also created a list of budget phones below €300 that are well fitted to play any of our 2500+ games! To be honest, Mobile Wins works on over 95% of the available devices, without having to download any apps or software! But there are some differences in visual quality and responsiveness. That is why this list is important for those who are seeking the most intense experience.

We take into account the following:

  • Battery lifetime
  • Access to mobile casino apps
  • Screensize
  • Specs
  • Platform

Top 5 mobile phones for casinos: Samsung S10 Casino

Let’s kick off with the first casino phone on the list! This honor has got to go to the Samsung S10! It’s large 6 inch screen with QHD resolution will show games like you have never seen them before. Your data  and funds are safe thanks to the ultrasonic fingerprint detector and the improved facial recognition. With a base memory of 64 or 128 gb you can download multiple casino apps without any risk of running out of memory. The improvements of this phone in comparison to the S9 are quite noticable, where the S9 is already a great phone, competing with the best on the market. It shouldn’t surprise you that both made it to this list! At time of writing, the phone hasn’t been released yet. Some features are still a mystery to us, so imagine what this phone can bring to the table even more!

Huawei P20 Mate (Pro) Casino

A considerable cheaper phone is the Huawei P20 Mate (Pro). This phone could and should be our number one if we take price into consideration. There isn’t really anything bad to say here, so let’s talk about the good stuff! The best thing about this phone is probably it’s versatility and pricing. Having a cheaper phone leaves you with more money to deposit to your favourite casino! Especially when it comes with 150% Bonus up to $/£/€100 + 10 No Wager Free Spins on your first deposit! If you want to go full budget, the non-pro version offers still everything you want out of a phone. Besides pricing, the unique selling points of this phone are the battery lifetime as well as the large screen (6,1 inch!!). Or rather, the combination of those two! When gaming, size does matter! The pro version comes with a staggering 6GB RAM Memory and 128 GB of Storage! These are insane stats that make this contender our favourite casino phone!

  • simlock free (usable on all providers)
  • Android 8.1 on release
  • All NetEnt and MicroGaming games on Mobile Wins are compatible
  • 4G internet

Apple iPhone X Casino

We have come from the low end of pricing to the absolute top end of pricing. Apple has been known for it’s quality, so naturally you’d say this is worth its money right? Well, though we aren’t gonna argue about the fact that this is a really good phone, we DON’T think it’s the BEST phone for casinos! There are a few simple reasons for this assumption. First of all the Apple Store doesn’t allow gambling apps. This doesn’t matter when you are playing on Mobile Wins, since we offer all of our 2500+ games as insta play! But still, we have to consider people who enjoy multiple casinos to be fair. The phone has one awesome feature though; wireless charging! Although the charging is rather slow, it does allow players to keep on their winning streak for as long as they want!

Samsung S9 Casino

It was love at first sight when the S9 was released: great specs, great ‘infinite’ look and great battery lifetime! Another big plus on this phone was the ability to hold 2 sim cards. This makes it possible to play privately on your phone if for instance you also use your phone professionaly. The phone runs on android 8.0 which is really well protected against unwanted intruders/hackers. The same goes for all the phones (except Apple naturally) phones listed here. Don’t underestimate the importance of safe software when playing for real money and with real personal details. Never login or deposit when on an open Wifi Network! Even if all our software is secured by SSL-Encryption.

  • Phonewide 5,8 inch-screen with QHD-resolution
  • 12 megapixel-camera for superslowmotion-videos
  • Runs on Android 8.0 (Oreo) with improved Bixby
  • Powerfull Exynos 9810-chip of 4/ 6GB
  • 64GB memory that can be expanded
  • Insta Play Mobile Wins games without taking any memory

Sony Xperia Casino XZ1

This phone is actually borderline budget and concludes our top 5. In many ways it can’t compete we the other 4 mentioned. The screen is rather small with 5.2 inch and the battery isn’t gonna match that of the Galaxy, P20 or iPhone X. Fortunately there are reasons why this phone is in this list! It has a powerfull Octa core processor that runs games very smooth and slick and there is a steel ‘case’ that protects the phone, making it much more likely to survive crashes compared to the plastic and infinite phones. This phone is more an allrounder than a specific gaming phone, but if you take it out of the premier league of comparison it is still a really good phone. They just can’t all be number one!

Wrapping up our top 5 mobile phone for casinos:

  1. Huawei P20
  2. Samsung Galaxy S10
  3. iPhone 10
  4. Samsung Galaxy S9
  5. Sony Xperia XZ1

What do you think? Should the Galaxy S10 be our number one or is price enough of an argument to push the P20 to the top?!  Whatever phone you decide to buy, be sure to check in here and test it out! You can also find us in the Google Play store if you prefer playing on an app. And regardless of what you choose, we have the following in store to all new players! Already an existing player? Nothing to worry, there is always an active promotion running. You can find these on ‘our promotion page’:

100% match bonus up to $/£/€200 on your 1st Deposit

Top 5 budget phones casino list:

The phones here needed the following qualifications before being able to be listed. They cant be more expensive than €300, Run on Android 8.0 software and come with security software no older than that of august 2018. Each and every one of these phones have a minimum of 32 giga bytes of memory capacity. As you see these phones are perfectly fit to last you a couple of years! The phone or brand standing out for not being on this list is Apple/iPhone.  This is no coincidence. These phones just don’t get cheap unless they get real old (and are not suitable anymore) and the Apple Store doesn’t allow gambling apps.

Samsung galaxy A5 (2017) Casino

Randomly listed, we start off with with the Galaxy A5! This phone is known for not taking the best pictures, but it does provide you a great casino phone! A 5.2 inch is a tad bigger than the Sony and in comparison this phone has the better battery, with 33 hours on average. If you do manage to run out on battery, this thing is charged in two blinks of an eye. Fine choice for anyone that likes to play a lot!

Motorola moto z² Play Casino

Not to fancy about this phone in terms of specs, but it does allow you dual simcards and has a battery lifetime of 31 hours on average. All this for a very low cost as it is the cheapest phone discussed here, though we of Mobile Wins have no hesitation of giving this one the thumbs up! Motorola won’t dissapoint you. Just make sure you use a slipcover as this phone tends to get scratches easily.

Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018) Casino

Are you going for looks without spending a ton? This phone does the best ‘i’m expensive’ impression on the list. Three cameras, large screen and equally large memory for no more than €300 is quite the bargain. If you are about bling bling on a budget and want to look good when winning some jackpot slot, the Samsung Galaxy A7 is the choice for you!

Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018) Casino

We know, a lot of Samsung! We promise this isn’t sponsored content. They just make a lot of phones that are different enough to discuss seperately. In comparison the screen is smaller (5,6 inch) than that of his bigger brother the A7 (6 inch), but larger than the oldest brother the A5 (5,1 inch). Where the A7 has three cameras, the A8 has only one… but still the A8 makes better pictures! Are you keeping score? Cause this is gonna be a hard decision. To make the choice a bit easier: the A8 has a USB-C fast charger, where the others have not. And to make the choice harder again…the A7 beats the A8 when it comes to memory… Already figured out what to pick? Cause we couldn’t make a decision!

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