How to play: Multi Roll bets in Craps

The final article in our series covering “Craps”. Finalize your expertise and learn about the more advanced and exciting multi roll bets in Craps!

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In this article, we take a closer look at additional betting options during a game. Finally, we look at so-called ‘Multi Roll’ bets, which is also among the betting options at a game.

This is a way of gambling that goes a step further and is therefore especially recommended for experienced players. This is because the winnings can be very substantial, but can also include a lot of losses. After all, it is and will always be gambling and you are dependent on how the stones are thrown by the shooter.

Below we list the most important Multi Roll bets, giving you a total overview of all the possibilities.

Hard Way

If you bet on this, you are betting that both stones show the same eyes. Think 2 to 2, 3 to 3, 4 to 4, and so on. The reason it is called ‘hard’ is because the chances of both dice showing the same number of eyes are very small.

If you gamble on a Hard 8, you have to have two 4s. The chances of falling that way are significantly smaller than any other combination however. Think of combinations like 5 + 3 or 2 + 6. The chance of two four’s falling is 1 in 36 and if you win, the payout is 7:1.

However, know that this can be played over an entire game, as it is a ‘multi’ bet. Is a 7 thrown? Then you immediately lose your bet.

Easy Way

The opposite of the Hard Way just described. Here you are also betting on a certain number, but whereas with Hard Way it has to be identical eyes, this is not the case with Easy Way. In other words, if you bet on an Easy Way 6 and a 1 + 5 falls, you grab a profit.

The payout is somewhat variable and is very low, partly because this is not usually offered in the casino. Your bet is valid for several rounds when playing, but you lose it right away if a 7 falls.

Place Bet to win/to lose

You can place this bet throughout the game and what you bet on will be 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10. The key is to throw the chosen number before a 7 falls and if so, you grab a win.

The amount is a bit variable from casino to casino and if you choose the ‘lose’ option, then you are betting the opposite way and the key is to roll a 7 just before one of the numbers indicated.

Fire Bet

This is a rather unusual betting option, but a very interesting one because it can yield a lot, but is risky at the same time. In a Fire Bet, you bet on the shooter throwing a set of the same numbers several times, but with different eyes.

The moment this happens, the dealer will mark the total number with a ‘Fire’ marker. This is done on the basis of the Points that are set and this can be done with 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 and 10. If three of these numbers are set as a Point, then the fourth Point should also be made. When that indeed turns out to be true, then a Fire Bet will allow you to grab 24 times your stake.

If even a fifth Point is made, it increases to a payout of 249 times your stake. When this is gambled correctly, and six Points are reached, the payout increases to 999 times your bet.

When throwing a 7, however, the Fire Bet is over immediately. The subsequent payout can vary somewhat from casino to casino. Therefore, pay close attention to whether the fire bet is offered, how it is played and what the payout is.

Given it is such a risky gamble, the odds of winning are very small. Therefore, it is mainly experienced players who brave the dangers. However, the group that gambles on this is small. Therefore it is mostly not an option in most (online) casinos.


With that, we have covered the Multi Roll bets applicable to Craps. Next week, we will look at the explanation of another casino game.

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