Theme Favourites: Top 4 slots with a famous name

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Delve into the world of your favorite pop culture phenomenon at Mobile Wins. Bet and win amazing prices in Game of Thrones, Narcos and more!

Enjoying a film or a series to relax… there are plenty of choices and everyone has their favourite. Alternatively, maybe you sometimes play a game on your (gaming) computer. There are plenty of great choices there and, of course, some of those famous names have also found their way to the online casino. Given that we do like a bit of entertainment, the link to a slot machine with a similar theme is of course a no-brainer. We are therefore happy to share our four favourites with a famous name for you!

Game of Thrones

Nothing has been more popular in recent years than Game of Thrones. The TV series based on the story by George R.R. Martin kept millions of people glued to the tube and now that the series is over, we can take a closer look at where our chances of taking the throne lie.

This video slot from Microgaming has two options: one with 10 paylines and one with as many as 243 paylines. Stakes range from 1 cent to a maximum of €15 and the slot features bonus games, scatters and more. Obviously, the scatter is the throne, which you need to ascend, and as you play, all sorts of symbols are fired at you that are recognisable if you have followed the series. A relatively simple slot, but on which playing is great fun.

Jurassic Parc Gold

One of the highlights in film history is, of course, Jurassic Park and you can now take on the familiar faces in this slot machine from Microgaming. It is the successor to the original slot, in which you also follow the story of the film. This means that at one point, everything goes haywire and dinosaurs escape.

The goal? By playing, it is up to you to bring peace to the tent and this is achieved through the many extra features that come with this, making the game very exciting. This works through Wild symbols, as well as the link & win feature, which requires you to collect and link symbols.

If successful, this can earn you a nice win. The RTP is 96%, but volatility is high. If it turns out well, you can win up to 8000 times your stake. This on a minimum bet of 20 cents and a maximum of 30 euros.


Do you feel like a real crook and can see yourself making money via narcos. That’s inadvisable in reality, but digitally you can of course have a blast with NetEnt‘s Narcos slot machine. With an RTP of 96.23% and medium volatility, it’s a decent slot machine that takes its inspiration directly from the TV series of the same name.

The characters have even lent their faces to this slot, making it a perfect match for what we have seen on Netflix. You won’t engage in all the atrocities Escobar has to his credit with this slot, but you will be able to win money by acting like a narco on this slot. Do you manage to move narcos to the right paylines? Then you grab a win!


Cheerful, dangerous and entertaining: key words that know how to describe the Jumanji films in an excellent way, and this is of course reflected in this slot machine. Thanks to the theme of the films, the slot machine has a very diverse design. Colourful, nicely decorated in terms of audio and it fits seamlessly with the films.

It’s a slot machine that doesn’t have particularly much depth, so it’s more of an ideal game for in between games. This does include necessary Wilds and bonus rounds, all about the animals that of course cause a stir more than once in the films. The RTP at 96.33% is very neat.

Each of the mentioned video slots with a famous name can be found at Mobile Wins. Thus, if you want to gamble in the wake of a film/series or a game, the above titles are definitely fun to try out.

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