Hearthstone Tournaments

Biggest tournaments

Hearthstone has a Winter, Spring and Summer Championship leading up to the World Championship at BlizzCon. The top 16 players with the most points qualify. The world champion at BlizzCon earns 250.000 dollar. Other notable tournament series are DreamHack, Hearthstone Global Games and WESG.

Hearthstone Championship Tour

A Winter, Spring and Summer Championship, leading up to the World Championship at BlizzCon. This is the most prestigious Hearthstone league with the biggest prize pools. Players earns points throughout the year to qualify for the four Championships.


The famous Swedish tournament series DreamHack hosts Hearthstone at its events. DreamHack has been organising live tournaments since 1994 and might be the oldest tournament series in the world.

Hearthstone Global Games

Countries play each other in the Global Games, a gigantic 5 month long online tournament. Four players represent each country. Each player plays one game per best of 5 match, plus one ace player for a fifth game.

Gold Series

The premier Chinese series, based in Shanghai. Gold Series features the best Chinese players in Hearthstone. JasonZhou won two Gold Series in the past.


The World Electronic Sport Games is yearly Olympics-like tournament featuring many games. Each country qualifies one player to represent them. Staz won its first edition in 2017.

StarLadder i-League

StarLadder and ImbaTV work together since 2016 to organise the StarLadder i-League. The tournaments feature the best players around the world. StarLadder is also known for its Dota 2 and CS:GO leagues.

World Cyber Arena

World Cyber Arena features the biggest prize pools outside of the World Championship. This ambitious tournament series features 9 eSports. Dota 2 has the biggest prize pool.

SeatStory Cup

A relaxed tournament focused on having fun and connecting pro players and fans in a friendly environment. Orange won Seatstory Cup twice.

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