Heroes of the Storm Teams

Top 5 most famous teams of 2017

MVP Black

MVP Black dominated Heroes of the Storm in late 2015 – early 2016. The Korean team then fell from grace and only just recovered. The team is back in shape again since late 2017, winning HGC South Korea Pro League and Global Finals. MVP Black is looking like the best team once more.


The best team in the West and one of the best in the world. Fnatic had proven it can go toe-to-toe with the best Korean teams. Fnatic won two major events and both HGC Europe Pro Leagues in 2017. The Swedish team unfortunately lost both the 2016 and 2017 Global Finals in the grand finals.

Ballistix (L5)

Ballistix, also known as L5, took the eastern crown until MVP Black returned to form. Ballistix dominated from late 2016 to late 2017. The team won three major leagues since their victory at the 2016 Global Finals.

Super Perfect Team

The top Chinese team and winner of two Gold Series. SPT competed since 2015 but only recently had breakout performances.


Dignitas takes the heavily contested number 2 spot in the West. The team consistently performed well in 2017 and won the Western Clash 1. Fnatic is Dignitas’ biggest demon and defeated them three times in the finals.

Best Heroes of the Storm team achievements

Tempest at DreamHack Summer 2016

Tempest was a group of young players trying to prove themselves. The team had their breakout performance at the Super League, where they defeated heavy favourites Team No Limit and MVP Black. They faced MVP Black again two weeks later in the DreamHack Summer finals. This series is considered the best ever with the highest level of skill. Tempest managed to win on their worst map in possibly the best game ever played.

Fnatic at Global Finals 2016

2016 MVP Black were considered the best team in the world. No western team had ever won a series against the Koreans. Fnatic found themselves facing MVP Black in the semifinals of the Global Finals. Fnatic managed to pull an incredible upset to make it to the finals. Although they were defeated by Ballistix in the finals, Fnatic proved that Europe could contend with the Koreans.

Best Heroes of the Storm teams of all time

MVP Black 2015-2016

The most dominant team of all time. MVP Black won five major titles in a row before they were finally stopped by Tempest. MVP Black seemed unstoppable during this period, and no western team had ever taken a set off them.

Ballistix (L5) 2016-2017

When MVP Black started to perform worse in Korea, Ballistix took over their reign. Ballistix defeated MVP Black itself in the Super League. They went on to win five major tournaments in a year, including the Global Finals. Just when Korea seemed beatable, Ballistix proved the world wrong.

Dignitas 2016

One team was consistently the best team outside of South Korea: Dignitas. The team won four of the biggest European titles of the year. They also didn’t lose any of their 2016 grand finals. Their European reign ended at the 2017 Pro League, where Fnatic finally defeated Dignitas in the grand finals.

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