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Esports betting is an exciting area of the market with lots of potential for the betting community, and it’s only natural you’re interested in it, whether you’re coming from a video gaming or a betting background (or both!). but how exactly do you get on board with Esports here at Mobile Wins?

It’s the newest phenomenon to hit the sportsbooks and while a host of new, innovative operators such as Mobile Wins are embracing Esports, even the older, established brands are getting involved.

Esports betting is an exciting area of the market with lots of potential for the  UK betting community, and it’s only natural you’re interested in it, whether you’re coming from a video gaming or a betting background (or both!). but how exactly do you get on board with Esports here at Mobile Wins?

No need to wonder, as we’ve prepared a guide to the very basics Esports betting to get you going.

Introduction to Esports

“Esports” (CC BY 2.0) by sam_churchill

Esports are actually just like normal sports. The difference is that Esports are played on a computer instead of a field or sports hall. Esports are videogames that people play professionally. The games themselves can be as different as basketball is to tennis. The majority of Esports games are played online. Viewers can watch these matches via live streaming video platforms like YouTube or TwitchTV. But some of the biggest tournaments fill up large arenas with thousands of fans. So where do you find all this information? Right here in the Esports Wiki.

Playing video games professionally is a pretty new phenomenon. Successful players have become millionaires. So, betting on Esports is also gaining popularity. You can gain an advantage if you start betting now, because you will grow familiar with the games and odds. For more information on how to successfully bet on Esports, visit Mobile Wins guide on Esports betting.

This is a sector where experienced punters can excel. Those who know how to study form and head-to-heads in traditional sporting markets can definitely succeed with UK Esports betting as many of the principles are identical. Do your research and you will be better armed when staking – but first, it’s important to understand how the fascinating world of Esports works.

Esports isn’t, as some casual bettors believe, the type of virtual sports that betting shops have been broadcasting for some time. Essentially, Esports is video gaming taken into the world of professional sport – and the competitors take it very seriously indeed. In fact, so do brands of all shapes and sizes, as Esports champions compete for some breathtaking prizes – for example, last year the top players of the popular shoot-em-up Counter Strike went home with $1.4 million.

If you have just a passing interest in gaming then you may already be familiar with some of the titles involved. These are some of the most popular and most successful games and game franchises of the 21st century so far. At Mobile Wins, you can bet with us on League of Legends, Starcraft II, Hearthstone and Counter Strike to name but four. But even if you’ve never been a gamer, this is a set of markets that are worth studying.

It may help, however, to get a basic understanding of the games that are involved so take a moment to read up on them in our extensive reviews and maybe try your own skills in a game or two.

Esports Betting - WOT
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What is Esports? The Mystery Explained

The huge growth of popularity of Esports is a mystery to some people, but it should not be this way. Let’s take a look at just how successful Esports has become to solve that mystery. Esports is now enjoyed by millions of people across the world, drawn in by the intense competitions and the exciting games. So what is Esports exactly? Stick with us, and by the end of this guide, you’ll know the what, the how and the why of Esports. Read on to get an answer to your question; What is Esports?

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So What is Esports?

We are so exposed to sports such as baseball and basketball that we take their popularity for granted. Yet Esports is the only sport that offers viewers the front seat to intergalactic battles between alien creatures, or the chance to witness wizards and fighters work together to destroy dragons. With the prize money at tournaments constantly on the rise, it is certainly not impossible that Esports will sit alongside baseball and basketball in terms of popularity and prominence.

Esports begin their life as conventional video games, with players battling it out either against the computer or connect to the internet for multiplayer competitions. But it’s the most successful video games that find their way into the world of Esports. Put simply, Esports means that these video games are played on a professional level (so the top players receive prizes and/or even salaries for their efforts) and they are also spectator sports (so audiences watch these champions battling it out).

StarCraft II was one of the fastest-selling games at the time of its release, and it is now one of the most popular Esports – and definitely one of our favourites here at Mobie Wins. Another leading eSport, League of Legends, was the most played computer game of 2012. What is Esports’ greatest asset is the wide range of different games available, and this is one of the reasons why so many people get involved.

Huge popularity

Millions of people love gaming so it makes sense that Esports competitions have become so popular. The World Cyber Arena is an Olympic-level tournament hosted in China that features a range of games, while the 2016 League of Legends World Championship was watched by 43 million unique viewers. Such mind-blowing figures are only matched by the prize pools in the world of Esports: that tournament gave out $6.7 million in prize money. We find playing a video game on your own a high-pressure experience, so imagine playing for all that money in front of all those people. Just like any other sport, Esports rewards those who battle their way to the top of the game.

The World Cyber Arena is a massive event. Source: World Cyber Arena via Facebook.

Yes, Esports is different from traditional sports, as they don’t need as much physical skill, but what it lacks in physical requirements it makes up for in terms of mental exercise. Players need outstanding reflexes to succeed. They are expected to make split-second decisions that take several factors into account. Many of the world’s leading players, such as Eugene Park, are aware that a healthy body helps create a healthy mind. They have coaches and follow strict training regimes to make sure they are the very best.

What is Esports betting?

Here at Mobile Wins, we love Esports. We love watching them, writing about them – and yes, betting on them. In Esports, you can bet on many different markets, from the outright winner of a game to number of kills, most successful team and so on. There’s also real-time betting, as you may have seen in tennis, basketball or soccer games. As a dedicated Esports bookmaker, Mobile Wins offers variety and the potential for great profit.

What is Esports? Soon, nobody will be asking this question because everyone will already know. But you already do, as you’ve read our guide. The next logical step is to sign up for an account with us and start exploring the options we offer, from Hearthstone to League of Legends and beyond.

Esports Growth | Popularity increases

Ever since the very first Pong arcade cabinet hit the market in 1972, multiplayer titles have been the lifeblood of social gaming. While in previous years, the competitive side of gaming was limited to friends or players in the same location or on the same network, the past decade has seen online multiplayer titles largely push out “couch multiplayer” or LAN-based tournaments.

Supported by the rise of high-speed internet connections, a particularly competitive side of online gaming has come forward over the past several years: Esports. An extension of online multiplayer tournaments, Esports competitions are designed to pit the world’s elite players against one another in professional leagues and tournaments, much like physical professional sports. Here at Mobile Wins, you’ll be able to learn exactly how the growth of Esports has opened up your betting options.

Some of the most popular titles to have contributed to Esports growth in recent years include Dota 2, League of Legends and Overwatch – all of which you can now bet on at Mobile Wins. Multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) title League of Legends, for example, now attracts over 100 million monthly players across the board. According to recent research, the popularity of games like these will help Esports growth reach a staggering 41% year on year in 2017, with the industry expected to create total revenues close to $700 million.

Credit: Dota 2 via Facebook.

You only have to look at some of the big-money deals involving the industry to see Esports growth in action. Online retailing and tech giant Amazon, for example, purchased live streaming service Twitch for close to $1 billion in 2014, while Modern Times picked up a majority stake in ESL – the world’s first organized Esports league – for $87 million in 2015. As you’d expect the top players themselves are also benefitting from Esports growth, receiving prize money, sponsorships and a guaranteed salary. For example, Saahil Arora, the world’s highest paid Esports player, received $2.7 million just in 2016 from sponsorships and prizes.

Of course, Esports growth isn’t only limited to the sponsorships, professional contracts and prize money on offer. It has become a successful spectator sport in its own right, attracting tens of thousands of people to live events as well as million of viewers via broadcasters such as those on Twitch. According to some estimates, Esports was anticipated to have a global audience of over 226 million viewers as of 2016 – up from 150 million the year before.

As Esports growth continues to rise, the betting markets associated with it are sure to grow, too. Here at Mobile Wins, you’re in the best place to take part in the wide range of Esports betting markets. Our Esportsbook offers multiple payment methods, including bank transfer, Mobile Wins and even Bitcoin transfers. Not only that, but by signing up to our betting community, you will receive exclusive welcome offers and free bets – such as bet 5, get 10 – along with enhanced odds on some of Esports’ largest events.

Esports betting for beginners

Test Your Fortune: A Beginner's Guide to eSports Betting

What is Esports Betting?

Good question. You’ve probably heard of Esports. You may have never done anything with it. You may not even have watched it, at all. So, this article is here to clear some things up, and make it all as easy as possible. Because no one likes to do effort, and everyone loves it when things are made easy.

Now, to answer your question, Esports betting is as the name would suggest. Esports, just like any other sports, has the potential to make you some money. So, just like all the big sports like, Football, Golf, Tennis, Basketball… you know them, Esports is just as big. And just like with any other big sports, it comes with a very large betting potential.

Even if you don’t play the game yourself, it’s still fun to watch. So, why not make a game out of watching the game? As many as there are different Esports, there are different exciting things to bet on, within each of those games.

Here you will find the basics of Esports Betting explained in the following articles:

To make it easier to understand, let’s take League of Legends as an example. League of Legends is one of the biggest Esports out there, and brings a huge audience with it. This means that, just as this game brings a huge audience, it also brings a very large opportunity for betting.

This game, and such is with all Esports that we provide betting possibilities for, has many different and unique options for you to bet on. Whether it’s the winner of the game, the final score, or the final amount of kills on each team.  Esports provides a large variety of exciting options for you to bet on, just as the game provides a large variety of options and exciting twists and turns throughout the whole game.

Just as every game is unique, every game also provides unique betting options. Every game is different, therefore, every game brings with it, a whole new level and type of excitement, when betting on it.  Whether you want to explore this excitement on your own, or with your friends, Esports betting is here to give you the best, easiest and most importantly, the most exciting betting experience.

Esports, and Esports betting, are an ever growing community. Which is understandable for such a fun and exciting platform. So, why not start as soon as possible, to have an advantage in experience and knowledge, for when the business blows up, and everyone wants a piece of it.  

What’s more is that, especially if you are a regular gamer and you know the games and teams, you have a clear advantage. So, just maybe, with all this knowledge, you’ll be the one to make some sweet winnings from your favourite game.

Or, if you don’t have a lot of experience when it comes to games, teams and Esports, try and make a wager. By yourself, or with friends, Who knows, maybe Esports betting is just the thing for you, and your way of making a quick easy buck.

Esports Betting Odds | How Should I Read my Chances?

Esports is the latest phenomenon to hit the betting community and, as the world of gaming crosses over into the gambling sphere, the concept has been an instant success and it’s growing all the time. Gamers have already caught on to the potential of Esports betting – but if you are a traditional punter who likes to stake on more established sports such as football or horse racing, you may have been wary of getting involved. You can understand Esports Betting Odds by reading the following.

If that’s the case, there are lots of strategies that you can harness in order to give you a better chance of making a profit. We’ve prepared an article on Esports betting odds for you Esports-curious bettors so that you know how to be successful when betting on Esports with Mobile Wins.

Back to Basics

Esports betting is not as complicated as you may fear. It’s basically betting on the outcome of video game tournaments. There are a series of different, popular video games – including CS:GO, League of Legends and Starcraft II – which are played at a professional level by some very talented gamers. Such tournaments often have very, very high prizes. The good news is that even if you’re not a highly skilled gamer like these pros, Esports can be lucrative once you look into betting on it.

When you’re getting involved in any new aspect of betting it’s always important to remember the basics. Studying form is important for Esports betting as it is for any sporting market so, take the time to weigh up the two teams involved in a contest and the individuals taking part before making a judgement call.

Other basic strategies such as elementary bankroll management should also apply and if you’re looking at a long shot in any event, start with a smaller wager. Clearly, these are very straightforward tips for any area of betting and the same principles apply to Esports too.

The impact of corona on Esports

March 2020, the world gradually went into lock down for the first time due to the new corona virus. All sports events got cancelled and people had nothing to bet on. Suddenly, the attention shifted towards Esports. There had been a long time promise of Esports ‘breaking through’ to the larger audience, and this crisis seemed to be the window of opportunity. Esports got massive attention, but the world adjusted and traditional physical sports picked up again. Now, in 2024 the temperature on online sports has cooled down again, though not to it’s pre-2020 level. The Esports Betting Odds are of interest to many more people than before, although it has also become painfully clear that physical sports will probably be the popular of the two for time to come.

Getting value

We all want to get the best value when making a punt and that desire carries across into Esports betting. Here at Mobile Wins, we understand that and that’s why we don’t only offer you different payment methods so you can pick and choose your preferred one, but also offers and bonuses – including our generous welcome offer of bet 5 get 10 on all popular Esports betting. As you can see, we don’t offer betting for other sports at all. We are Esports specialists, and that’s just one of the reasons why Esports betting on Mobile Wins provides more options and is better tailored to all Esports betting fans.

More advanced tactics

Esports Betting Odds
“Todos los ojos en Xikii (CC BY 2.0) by artubr

While anyone can enjoy Esports betting and have the potential to make a small profit, it undoubtedly helps to have a greater understanding of the games that are involved. If you are a gamer yourself, you’ll definitely be very familiar with titles such as Starcraft II and League of Legends and that will lead to a distinct advantage when you carry that interest over to the Esports betting odds markets.

If, however, you’ve only played video games socially or not at all, you can still immerse yourself in this area in order to get a better understanding of what you are betting on. Just like a horse racing punter will look at past performances, terrain and recent training of a horse to evaluate whether he should bet on it, that principle can – and should – be applied to Esports too. When bookies calculate Esports betting odds, they take into consideration the background of the players and/or teams, any recent successes or losses, the arena where the game is played, even the patch of the game in case any new ones have changed the action at all.

Catch the Action

Some of the bigger Esports tournaments are broadcasted live on the internet, sometimes even on the telly. Watch the drama unfold and study the best players in action and from there, you can move on to playing yourself. It’s unlikely that you will ever reach the level of the professional but unlike traditional sports, we have more of a chance to play video games to a reasonable standard and really get to know how the process works – which will influence our pick of the Esports betting odds favourably.

In time, it will be easy to put what you’ve learned into practice so start with the basics and remember to always have fun! Overall, there is no real mystery to Esports betting. If you study form, find value in the Esports betting odds markets and do your research after following the above advice, you should have a greater chance of turning a profit.

Signing up with Mobile Wins will give you the best of everything, from a welcome bonus, competitive odds and the widest choice of betting markets so hit that sign-up button now and explore all the possibilities of playing with us.

The UK Esports Betting Markets

Naturally, as with any sport, you need to establish exactly what you want to bet on. So what do we provide as your options with Esports?

Just like normal sports betting, knowledge is key. So we provide you with all the knowledge you need.

Your starting point will be choosing your game. So choose one of the most popular Esports games from the Esports-Wiki below.

Each game has its own section with information about its players, teams, tournaments and bets. This information is important if you want to make good bets.

For example, if you want to bet on a match, you need to know more about the teams, tournament and bets. You can find which team has done well in the past. Or you can find out how important a tournament match is. And last but not least, you can find out which bets favor you most.

Mobile Wins Sports | esports | Betting Markets | League of Legends
Bet on League of Legends
Mobile Wins Sports | esports | Betting Markets | Counter-Strike | CS:GO
Bet on CS:GO
Mobile Wins Sports | esports | Betting Markets | Dota 2
Bet on Dota 2
Mobile Wins Sports | esports | Betting Markets | Overwatch
Bet on Overwatch
Mobile Wins Sports | esports | Betting Markets | Starcraft
Bet on Starcraft
Mobile Wins Sports | esports | Betting Markets | Hearthstone
Bet on HearthStone
Mobile Wins Sports | esports | Betting Markets | Rocket League
Bet on Rocket League
Mobile Wins Sports | esports | Betting Markets | FIFA
Bet on FIFA
Mobile Wins Sports | esports | Betting Markets | Fortnite
Bet on Fortnite
Mobile Wins Sports | esports | Betting Markets | World of Warcraft
Bet on World of Warcraft
Mobile Wins Sports | esports | Betting Markets | Generic
Bet on Mobile

The most obvious and most popular bet is the match result, so when you have one team playing another at, let’s say, World of Tanks, we will issue a set of odds for each side and your job is to decide who will win it.

Shock outcomes can be quite rare here so, on a more advanced level, you could bet with the handicap. This practice gives one team somewhat of a head start in terms of points and this makes the resulting market a little more interesting while increasing the value at the same time.

The choice of side betting varies depending on which bookmaker you use. If you have an older, established brand that had perhaps started to trade in the pre-internet days, you may find that you can only bet on the outright result.

To be honest, many big bookies haven’t caught on to how popular Esports betting is nowadays. But don’t worry – we know how entertaining and potentially lucrative this market is, and we’re here to help!

In contrast, dedicated Esports betting websites like Mobile Wins are more switched on to the developments in Esports betting and will therefore issue a better set of side markets. These may include total points scored, points for individual player and winning margin to name but a few.

So, if you’re the type of punter that likes to explore beyond the straight result market, rest assured that by signing up with us you’ll be in good hands. We’re full of options!

In time, you will move on to more advanced techniques but like any new area of the betting markets, you have to start with the basics. The good news is that Esports betting is no more difficult to understand than any niche event and rewards have a better chance of coming in when you do your research in order to identify a likely winner.

Esports betting can provide thrills and profits for both seasoned bettors and newbie video game fans, and here at Mobile Wins, we’ll make the process as easy and as straightforward as possible.

Get started on Mobile Wins Esports! And receive a Get a Free Bet Bonus of £/$/€30 bonus to get the odds in your favor!

Use our Esports-pages to boost your knowledge of the games you are betting on! We feel that anyone should have a basic understanding on what they are doing, so this is why we wasted no effort in creating a betting guide. The industry though moves fast, so be sure to look for alternative sources of information as well that have more of a ‘news’ factor.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Esports Betting

  • How are esports tournaments organized?

    Esports tournaments are typically organized by esports organizations, game publishers, or event organizers. They can be held online or in-person, featuring players and teams from around the world.

  • Some popular esports games include League of Legends, Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), Fortnite, Overwatch, Call of Duty, and Valorant.

  • What is the role of a coach in an esports team?

    The coach of an esports team provides strategic guidance, analyzes gameplay, conducts team practice sessions, and helps players improve their skills to perform at their best during tournaments.

  • What are LAN events in esports?

    LAN events (Local Area Network) are esports tournaments where players and teams gather in a physical location to compete face-to-face, often in front of a live audience.

  • What is the biggest esports tournament?

    The biggest esports tournament depends on the game and region, but some of the largest and most prestigious events include The International (Dota 2), League of Legends World Championship, and the Intel Extreme Masters (CS:GO).

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