Heroes of the Storm Tournaments

Biggest tournaments

The Heroes of the Storm Global Championship is a year-long competition for a spot in the Grand Finals. Teams compete in tournaments around the world to earn points. The top 16 teams duke it out for 500.000 dollar and the title of world champion.

HSGC Pro League

The Heroes of the Storm Global Championship Pro League is the main league. It features a main league in Europe, North America and South-Korea, plus smaller regions. Teams compete in two seasons and earns points for the HSGC Grand Finals at BlizzCon.

Gold Series

The premier Chinese series, based in Shanghai.

HSGC Clash

A Western and Eastern Clash, where all the best teams from the Pro Leagues meet in a bracket. The Western Clash features teams from Europe, America and Australia. The Eastern Clash features teams from South-Korea, China and Southeast Asia.

HSGC Mid-Season Brawl

The best western and eastern teams meet in the annual Mid-Season Brawl at DreamHack. This is the largest international tournament after the HSGC Grand Finals.

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