European Distances Speed Skating Championship

The European Distance Speed Skating Championship hasn’t been around long, but really appeals to us. The battle is settled by discipline.

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The sport of skating does not stand still. That specifically means that betting on European Distances skating is now also possible. After all, the European Distances Championship has been on the ISU calendar since 2018. A tournament in which Europe’s top skaters compete.

We take a closer look at the format, history and statistics of this tournament. And of course look at all the possibilities for betting on skating European Distances Speed Skating Championship.

Format – European Distances Speed Skating Championships

This tournament has a fairly simple set-up, as it is of course about individual distances. That’s what makes betting on European Speed Skating Championships so much fun. Countries are allowed to send a certain number of participants per distance to compete for prizes. It’s simple: whoever crosses the finish line the fastest has won. The European Distance Speed Skating Championships have been held every two years since 2018 and have had three editions so far.

The big difference with the World Distance Championships is that at this tournament, the longest distances are not run: the 10,000 meters for men, and 5,000 meters for women. The distances that are run are 500 meters, 1000 meters, 1500 meters, 3000 meters for women, 5000 meters for men, mass start, team pursuit, and team sprint. Know right away where your odds are when betting on European Distances Speed Skating Championship.

History – European Distances Speed Skating Championship

For a few years now, we have also had a number of new European tournaments, including the European Distance Championships. In 2018, 2020 and 2022 this tournament was already held. Let’s look at the different distances.

Men’s 500 and 1000 meters

At the two shortest distances (500, 1000 and 1500) the competition was mainly between Russia and the Netherlands. As many as 15 of the 18 medals went to these two countries. Keep this in mind when betting on the European Championship Distances. Pavel Kulizhnikov was the most successful with two gold medals in the 1000 meters and one in the 500 meters. Ronald Mulder and Pole Piotr Michalski won the other two 500 meters; the 2022 1000 meters went to Thomas Krol.

Men’s 1500 meters

In the speed skating mile, the Netherlands and Russia missed out on only one of nine medals. The top skaters were Denis Joeskov and Thomas Krol. Joeskov won in 2018 and took silver in 2020. Thomas Krol went from silver, to gold, to silver. Indeed, in 2022, Kjeld Nuis picked up his first gold medal at the European Distances Speed Skating Championships. Betting tip: look closely at the form of the day when betting on the European Distances Speed Skating Championship. The 1500 is pre-eminently a do or die distance, where even renowned names can blow themselves up in the last lap.

5000 meters men

In the past two editions, the 5000 meters was a prey for Patrick Roest. 2018 was the year of Nicola Tumolero. The Italian won the first gold medal at this distance at the European Championships, and he also took a handsome bronze in the 10 kilometers at the Olympics. Where is Sven Kramer then, you may wonder. In 2018 he was not there at the European Distance Championships, in 2020 he took silver behind Patrick Roest.

Mass start men

Finally, another country outside of Russia and the Netherlands that is the strongest on any part of the European Speed Skating Championships. Those in the know will probably guess correctly that Bart Swings is the most successful skater on the mass start. The Belgian won in 2020 and 2022, after Jan Blokhuijsen won the first edition in 2018. Arjan Stroetinga finished second behind Bart Swings in 2020. Those who place a bet on the mass start when betting on European Speed Skating Distances imagine themselves at a very crowded racetrack. Where you normally see 2 athletes at the start, you now see a whole bunch of them, and then you find yourself shouting at your favorite to the front.

Team pursuit men

Doesn’t Sven Kramer have a single gold medal from the European Distance Championships in his bulging trophy cabinet? Yes, he does. King Kramer, like Patrick Roest, was part of the winning Dutch team in the team pursuit in 2020 and 2022. In fact, the Netherlands won all three European Championships and Marcel Bosker was the only one who was there all times.

Team sprint men

Even in one of the youngest events in speed skating, no Dutch gold medal is missing at the European Championships Distance Skating. In 2018 and 2020, Russia was still the strongest with Pavel Kulizhnikov and Ruslan Murashov, among others. In 2022, it was relatively young guests Merijn Scheperkamp, Kai Verbij, and Tijmen Snel who took gold in this event.

Women’s 500 and 1000 meters

Among the women, we also see the Netherlands at the top on practically all distances, and often Russia as well. On the two sprint distances, the split is 3-2 for the Netherlands. Jutta Leerdam took the 1000 meters twice, Femke Kok was the strongest on the 500 meters in 2022. Olga Fatkoelina and Yekaterina Shichova provided the Russian gold medals. Notable is Austria’s strong Vanessa Herzog. She has three sprint medals, including the gold medal in the 500 meters in 2018.

1500 meter women

At the medium distance, Russia can only have the leftovers from the Netherlands. The Dutch were the strongest on the speed skating mile three times. Remarkably, though, was that it was three different skaters: Lotte van Beek, Ireen Wüst, and Antoinette de Jong. Marrit Leenstra also took bronze once and Ireen Wüst finished with silver in 2022.

3000 meters women

Actually, you would expect Martina Sablikova’s name at this distance. The Czech only competed in 2020 and narrowly finished fourth then. Esmee Visser won in 2018 and 2020, and Irene Schouten in 2022. Francesca Lollobrigida provided a small Italian highlight by taking bronze twice (and silver in Beijing 2022).

Women’s mass start

The same Lollobrigida’s specialty is actually the mass start. In 2018, she won the first edition of this enervating event, ahead of her compatriot Francesca Bettrone and the all-rounder Vanessa Herzog. The past two times, in 2020 and 2022, everyone had to bow to Irene Schouten. In 2022, she took silver behind her strong teammate Marijke Groenewoud.

Women’s team pursuit

The Dutch have three out of three wins in the team pursuit as well. Melissa Wijfje, Ireen Wüst and Antoinette de Jong were all there twice. Lotte van Beek, Marrit Leenstra, and Irene Schouten all have one gold medal. Russia is also ‘best of the rest’ here with two silver and one bronze. Which, by the way, makes the point that when betting on European Championship distances you obviously don’t have to bet only on the winners….

Team sprint women

Well, there is the second event (besides the 500 meters) in which the Netherlands is not the best. In 2018 and 2020 they took silver behind Russia, and in 2022 the Netherlands withdrew from this distance. In 2022 Russia also did not participate, which Poland managed to take advantage of with gold ahead of Belarus and Norway.

Statistics – European Distances Speed Skating Championship

So is the Netherlands the best overall over all distances? In the men’s event they have 11 gold medals, 9 silver and 6 bronze. Russia follows close behind with 6 gold, 5 silver and 6 bronze. Other countries do not come close: Belgium has two golds, Poland and Italy one each. Pavel Kulizhnikov is the strongest individually with five golds, ahead of Patrick Roest with four.

Among the women, the Netherlands comes to as many as 14 gold medals. Russia may claim “only” four, Austria, Italy and Poland one each. A number of women have three gold medals: Olga Fatkoelina, Ireen Wüst, and Antoinette de Jong. Alone in the lead is Irene Schouten with four golds. Lotte van Beek and Jutta Leerdam have gold twice, as does Russian Angelina Golikova. Incidentally, it is notable that Natalia Voronina of Russia has won no less than five medals at the European Championship Distances, but not a single gold.

Betting Markets – European Distances Speed Skating Championship

When betting on skating, there are often a number of odds (betting markets) to choose from. We explain some of the ones you can choose from.

Betting on European Distances Speed Skating Championships – winner per distance

Four individual distances, mass start, team pursuit and team sprint. Seven parts, men and women, so fourteen chances to predict the correct winner. Will Irene Schouten expand her trophy cabinet and will we see more gold for Jutta Leerdam? Or do you know how to pick out that young talent?

Betting on European Distances Speed Skating Championships – performance by country

The Netherlands has dominated the European Distances Championships since the beginning, especially with the women, and is competing with Russia with the men. You can also bet on how certain countries perform. For example, will the Netherlands win more or less than a certain number of gold medals?

Betting on European Distances Speed Skating Championships – live betting

It is not specifically a betting market, but we like to highlight the possibility of live betting on sports such as ice skating. It adds an extra dimension and more excitement to following. Who knows, you may be able to capitalize on what you see directly on television.

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  • What is European Distance Skating?

    European Distance Skating is a form of long track speed skating that emphasizes specialized races over specific distances, such as the 500m, 1000m, 1500m, and 5000m.

  • When did European Distance Skating gain popularity?

    European Distance Skating gained prominence in the late 19th century as ice rinks and better technology allowed for specialized racing.

  • Why is European Distance Skating appealing for bettors?

    The specific nature of distances and the variety of skaters excelling in different races create ample betting opportunities for those who understand each skater’s strengths and track records.

  • What are the most common distances in European Distance Skating?

    The most common distances include 500m, 1000m, 1500m, 3000m, 5000m (men), and 3000m (women).

  • How does European Distance Skating differ from other speed skating events?

    Unlike all-round events that combine different distances, European Distance Skating focuses solely on specific distances, allowing skaters to excel in their preferred races.

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