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RWC is about to begin! We take a close look at the pools, teams, rwc fixtures and rugby betting predictions on the Rugby World Cup Betting!

In 1816, a pupil of the Rugby School in Warwickshire England by the name of William Webb Ellis got bored playing a game of football. He decided to pick the ball up and say ‘if anyone want to take the ball of me, let them try!’. In other words, ‘let’s play rugby!’

203 years later, we play the Rugby World Cup once more. The term rugby stayed, the rawness of the sport stayed, but the popularity of the sport has grown tremendously. The ninth edition of the rugby world cup is definitely the most interesting one yet, not because there are more contenders for the prize than before because of quality, but because all the top teams put up very inconsistent results. Scotland loses to France with 32-2 one week, just to win 17-14 the week after. This illustrates the crazy and great tournament this is gonna be, and the great betting opportunities there lie in a Rugby World Cup bet!

Rugby Betting tip: Scotland usually plays very well at home games, but quite terrible in away games. In Japan the grounds are neutral, though Japan is in the group with Scotland. So that game might be in favour of the home team!

World Cup Rugby Groups

The group stage consists of 4 pools of teams. We will go over the pool stage and each pool shortly and tell you what teams we expect to make it to the knockout stage and how the top dogs have been performing in preparation for this tournament.

Pool A: The hardest group to call

Ireland, Scotland, Japan, Russia, Samoa make up the first pool of the World Cup Rugby tournament. What stands out at first sight is the lack of a former tournament winner. We discussed the inconsistency in results of Scotland, but Ireland has a story of it’s own. Their top performance in the Six Nations League and their win against New Zealand have been succeeded by rather disappointing results. They lack form coming into this tournament, though they are still the nr one ranked team and won against Wales in their last match.

Japan is the final team worth mentioning in this group, this emerging rugby country can be the surprise in this pool with a hungry home crowd! #RugbyJapan2019 could be the surprising hashtag on Twitter for the weeks to come!

Pool B: The hardest group to survive

… If you are not either New Zealand or South Africa. Meaning Italy, Namibia and Canada that make up the rest of pool B on the other hand will have a tough time surviving. A really tough time. There is hardly any doubt in these to teams proceeding to the knock-out stages. What is interesting is that New Zealand and South Africa will not meet each other again until the finals of the Rugby World Cup, if they both make it there.

Though New Zealand and their all blacks are still (and will be so until the end of time) the best team, they proved not unbeatable lately. Losing in large figures to Australia, drawing at home against South Africa and away against Ireland. But to some, these losses are caused by the fact that in fact the team was building on a new strategy. One they now seem to have mastered. South Africa is a young team that has seen exceptional development, this tournament will prove how they stand.

Betting tip: Italy for third place with a win over Canada and Namibia.

Pool C: the hardest group to survive.. Part 2

The pool of England, France, Argentina, USA, Tonga will be hard to survive for any team. With three big teams (England, France and Argentina), one of them will fall in the group stage. Meaning for instance, that none can afford a loss against a smaller team. The pressure is on for this group.

England is a team with great physical capacities, but mentally they have shown to fall short from time to time. How will they handle the pressure? Luckily for the English, France and Argentina have both not been putting up consistent results. In terms of pure quality, we expect English to come out on top in this group with France ending second.

Pool D: The group of different styles

The nice thing about the RWC is that you get to witness some play styles you see nowhere else. Seeing the big Georgians against the fast and nimble Fijians is gonna be a blast to watch. The teams advancing will probably be Wales and Australia though. Both teams are packed with talent, but both teams are not using it to their full potential. Welsh Rugby because of a coach that decides to leave Samson Lee and Rob Evans home and Australia performing very average compared to the talents they hold.

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Group Stage Rugby World Cup Japan Fixtures

The group stage of the Rugby World Cup has some great fixtures to offer! We present you the first part of the tournament matches and will update the dates accordingly. For all updates, follow Mobile Wins on Twitter and keep track on the hashtags #rwc #rwcepicmoments!

Rwc Predictions

In conclusion, these are our predictions for each separate team to win in the rwc tournament. Note that no rights can be derived from these predictions. As a result of above, a lot of teams have been putting on inconsistent results in the preparation for this tournament. This is what makes this rugby world cup such a great event and a great sport to watch! Go for Rugby Union Betting our Sportsbook and you bet with bonus and the safety of a UK Gambling Commission license.

Japan: exit first round, third in place
Russia: exit first round, no wins
Samoa: exit first round, win at least one game
Ireland: second in group, exit quarter final to New Zealand
Scotland: first in group, exit quarter final South Africa

New Zealand: first in group, lose final to South Africa
South Africa: second in group, winning finalist
Italy: exit first round, third in place
Namibia: exit first round, no wins
Canada: exit first round, at least one win

England: first in group, lose semi-final to New Zealand
France: second in group, lose to Wales in the quarter final
Argentina: exit first round, third in round
USA: exit first round, win against Tonga
Tonga: exit first round, no wins

Wales: first in pool, lose semi-final to South Africa
Australia: second in pool, lose quarter final to England
Fiji: exit first round, battle with Georgia for third place
Georgia: exit first round, battle with Fiji for third place
Uruguay: exit first round, no wins

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  • What is the Rugby World Cup?

    The Rugby World Cup is an international rugby union tournament held every four years, featuring top teams from around the world.

  • When was the first Rugby World Cup held?

    The inaugural Rugby World Cup took place in 1987, hosted by New Zealand and Australia.

  • Who holds the record for the most Rugby World Cup titles?

    New Zealand’s national team, the All Blacks, is the most successful, boasting multiple Rugby World Cup victories.

  • Can you mention a memorable underdog victory in the Rugby World Cup?

    In 2015, Japan’s historic win against South Africa showcased the unpredictability and excitement of the tournament.

  • What are some famous Rugby World Cup winning teams?

    New Zealand (All Blacks), South Africa (Springboks), and Australia (Wallabies) are some of the most well known Rugby World Cup winners. Of course other countries like England, France, Wales, and Ireland are also famous for both their championship wins, and their competitive prestige. 

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