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The first chocolate Easter eggs hit the shelves as early as January. Fancy something new for Easter but don’t feel like going to the furniture mall? Then check out an online casino this Easter.

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The daffodils are in full bloom, the chicks and lambs are walking across the meadow, the clock has moved forward another hour and the sun is showing itself again. In short, spring has begun and the Easter Bunny is busy hiding eggs.

The Easter Bunny has been a beloved character by game developers over the years. After all, looking for eggs is exactly what you do when you play a slot machine. You look for the winning symbols. Whether that’s eggs, sevens, bar symbols, four-leaf clovers; it’s all bound to happen. Who knows what the Easter Bunny is hiding throughout the rest of the year. This weekend, eggs take center stage and we’ll tell you exactly which slots you should be at to play Easter-themed games all the way!

Tradition of Easter games

Everyone loves Easter games. That tradition goes back to the time when we were still knee-deep in clay and peat. After all, Easter is also a celebration of spring, a celebration of sowing. Even before the year zero, we celebrated a feast that celebrated the return of the sun, warmth and life. Over the centuries, the feast has changed and the associated tradition and Easter games change with it.

For example, no eggs used to be eaten in the period before Easter. While chickens do lay a lot in March and April. Therefore, an alternative purpose for the eggs was sought and they were painted. In several cultures eggs are used as a symbol of new life, so it is not surprising that they are a symbol in this spring celebration. In almost every country, you will find some form of this symbolism in art and customs.

Special Easter facts

The Easter Bunny was first a bird. Hence the eggs. This dates back to the Germanic tradition, more than 2000 years ago. Pretty special that “we” have been playing Easter games for so long!

The first Easter eggs hit the shelves as early as January. While they are becoming less and less popular, because we are all paying better attention to our food. Whereas they used to be seen as power food! They are also coming into the bonus earlier and earlier. Just a few days before Easter breakfast you can buy eggs at half price. Chocolate ones that is.

Every year on the Greek island of Corfu they smash jars of every size imaginable. Perhaps they are not as fond of the Easter bunny as they are here? In Greece, they are not averse to throwing pottery anyway. At a wedding, no china is safe.

In Sweden they celebrate Halloween the night before they go looking for eggs. Dressing up as an Easter bunny kills two birds with one stone. Still, we in Sweden would love to use Halloween to wear something challenging.

In the spring of 1885, Tsar Alexander the Third decided to give his wife Empress Maria Feodorovna an egg as a gift on the occasion of his 20th wedding anniversary. A so-called Fabergé egg. It is a tradition in Russia to give decorated eggs as gifts in the spring. No one had made it as crazy as the Czar. A golden egg, set with rubies and diamonds and inside a golden yolk.


  • When is Easter?

    Easter is celebrated on a different date every year. This is due to the position of the moon, because Easter always falls on the first Sunday after the first full moon at the beginning of spring (March 21).

  • Why do we hide eggs at Easter?

    Hiding Easter eggs is an ancient Germanic custom that took place at the beginning of spring. Eggs symbolise fertility. In the hope of ensuring a good harvest of extra fertile land, eggs were put in the fields.

  • Why do we celebrate a second Easter Day in the Netherlands?

    First Easter always falls on a Sunday. Second Easter Day always falls on a Monday too. In many other European countries, however, they do not have this tradition. This is because the Netherlands abolished Catholic named days (as a compromise between Catholics and Protestants) in 1815 and considered it desirable for Christian feast (sun) days to consist of two days whenever possible.

  • What are the different Easter names?
    • Ash Wednesday
    • Palmachmas
    • White Thursday
    • White Thursday
    • Good Friday
    • Silent Saturday
    • Easter
    • Second Easter Day
  • Where does the Easter bunny come from?

    The hare is often depicted on Christian artwork as a symbol of rebirth and resurrection. This would therefore explain a connection between the hare and Christ’s resurrection. The hare could also be a symbol of Mary. Traditions around hares and eggs symbolised reproduction and fertility and were adopted from the spring festivals of various pre-Christian cultures in Europe.

    All logical answers but the definitive origin of the Easter bunny.

  • Where do these Easter fires come from?

    The origin of the Easter fire is unclear. It is almost certainly a centuries-old tradition. 

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