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The foulest stench is in the air, the funk of forty thousand years.. This October our Halloween Promotions and Halloween games will come to haunt you… If you miss them that is. We got some treats lined up for you that you don’t have to trick your neighbors for in a weird costume. Staying inside during the night of fright seems like a better idea to us anyway, especially when you don’t have to miss any of the excitement thanks to our Halloween Games Collection.

Halloween Games

You might not want to celebrate this year’s Halloween on your own, as playing casino games can be more frighteningly than you’d ever imagine. Just make sure to keep a night lamp on when playing these titles. Halloween Online Slot, Halloween Horrors, Halloween Jack, Halloween Cash Pots, and Trick or Treat each give you a unique angle to the Anglo-American festivity that is quickly conquering the world.

For those unaware, Halloween is short for All Hallows Eve and is celebrated on the 31st of October. A festivity to celebrate the end of the harvest and traditionally to celebrate the Celtic new year. Of course this evolved, especially in the United States, where we saw the birth of Jack o’ Lantern, better known as pumpkin-face.

For all those enjoying Jack and the Beanstalk Slot by NetEnt, you might want to choose Halloween Jack. It is the themed variant on this famous slot with a dark twist. Same mechanics and same great publisher that never dissapoints. Of course we like to give smaller publishers a chance in the spotlight as well, so be sure to also try the cartoony Trick or Treat slot by Saucify Software!

Am I seeing ghosts?

No you’re not. Our Halloween casino bonuses are as real as can be, but they don’t last and they (dis)appear like a ship in the night.. Legends say that people that missed them hear voices at night whispering them: ‘you could have been rich’. Luckily, we are not just giving away goodies one weekend per year. Just for signing up you get a welcome bonus that could satisfy the blood lust of a vampire.

Next to Halloween Casino Games, you will find on our sports book casino a wide variety of slots from various publishers, (live) table games, and a fully integrated sports book that comes with a separate Free Bet Welcome bonus. Fully mobile playable, without having to download anything. This modern magic is not the work of any warlock, but instead that of encrypted SSL-technology to ensure you a safe gaming experience. No mortal can resist, our thriller of a bonus!

Other Halloween Casino Games?

Thus far, holiday themed table games such as roulette or blackjack are keeping their classic look. We might see some innovations in the future though, and we will be the first to offer you the games once we do. If you want to play a Halloween game that is not casino related, we have some suggestions for you:

  • The toilet paper mummy game: probably the easiest halloween costume, but not less effective! Get two teams of one mummy and one wrapper and see which team is the fastest!
  • Marshmallow Halloween game: we all have played beer pong, but why use a table tennis ball when you can use a marshmallow!
  • Pin the black cat/skeleton/pumpkin: get a tail, a bone or a face, blindfold yourself, spin around for a dizzying bit, and go pin that attribute!
  • Halloween Face Paint: start the celebrations looking like a monster!
  • Egg spoon race: paint a scary egg, get it on a spoon, and start a race against your friends’ eggs. We advice you to do this in your garden and not in your house!

Halloween News

Halloween Promotions


  • When is it Halloween?

    Set it in your diary: Halloween is always celebrated on 31 October. So which day varies from year to year.

  • Where is Halloween celebrated?

    This holiday is traditionally celebrated mainly in Ireland, Britain, the US and Canada. But as you have undoubtedly noticed, the phenomenon is spreading around the world, including the Netherlands.

  • What do the Dutch do on Halloween?
    The famous ‘Trick or Treat’ is not really a thing here. Especially, of course, because we have our own version of it with St Martin’s Day. Try that twice a year and even more people go with the lights off waiting for all the children to pass by. What is increasingly popular are Halloween themed parties, where everyone goes creepily dressed up. Amusement parks also capitalise on this.
  • How many Halloween slots are there?

    Unbelievably many. Offhand, that does run towards 300 titles. Of course, this is because Halloween is a nice broad theme. Vampires, Zombies, Slashers, Witches, Creepy Clowns, Werewolves, Voodoo Priests, Ghosts, Demons… you name it… They are all welcome on Halloween night.

  • What are the most fun Halloween slots?

    Nearly impossible to have to choose, of course, but these slots do get our blood pumping. Of course, we already mentioned Blood Suckers, Immortal Romance, Helloween, Halloween Jack and Book of Halloween. Let’s add to that the following titles: Vikings Go to Hell, Halloween (themed slot of the film), Muerto and Mictlán, Mental and yes, Blood Suckers II as well.

  • Are there any Halloween Casino Bonuses?
    The great thing about holidays is that Mobile Wins Casino are only too happy to celebrate them. So around Halloween, they all come up with promotions around this theme. Think free spins on Halloween slots, or a slots tournament featuring only Halloween slots, deposit bonuses during Halloween, cashbacks in the live casino, it all comes along. Just a matter of taking a ‘trick or treat’ tour of the casinos.
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