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Casino Cashbacks allow you to enjoy a cash refund on net losses – in case lady luck isn’t on your side. Check out all the ins & outs AND our current Casino Cashback Bonus offers.

A Casino Cashback Bonus is a popular promotion among players. This is mainly due to the simplicity and transparency of cashbacks. Which is why they’re a highly effective bonus for Mobile Wins Casino to build on our relationship with every player.

After all, relationships are about give and take and cashbacks are a bit of both. With a cashback, you get money back from us if you have made a loss. The beauty of this is that there are no extensive conditions to meet. This makes it transparent and simple for everyone; for the player, but also for the casino.

While many online casinos sprinkle welcome bonuses, casino cashbacks also deserve attention. With this casino bonus, you are rewarded afterwards and losses are alleviated. Therefore, think of the cashback as a bonus – a very welcome one.

What is a Casino Cashback Bonus?

Cashbacks are a perfect way for casinos to thank their players for signing up and making a deposit. Although such a gesture can be expressed in several ways, a cashback is especially in demand because it does not exclude anyone. This type of bonus is intended (in most cases) for both new and existing members.

Casino Cashback Bonuses do what they promise: you get some of your money back from the casino.

As a player, you deposit a certain amount and get an x-percentage of it back. That makes this easy-to-understand bonus very practical. While other bonuses are bursting with conditions, these are much less of an issue with cashbacks.

Cashbacks benefit everyone, but are particularly popular with players who gamble regularly and thus get a portion back every time. Cashbacks only apply to losses.

How does a Cashback Bonus work?

Although the exact details may vary from one online casino to another, casino cashback bonuses work broadly the same. You get a certain amount of money deposited back into your online account. Sometimes a cashback bonus is linked to a particular game, but in most cases the cashback is calculated over a certain period of time.

This can be a week, a month, or even a day or weekend. The most important aspect of the cashback bonus is the percentage and maximum amount of money you get back.

Here are two examples to show you how it works:

  • You’re offered a 10% cashback when playing the game Book of Dead from Play’n GO. You play with €150 and lose this amount. Since you get a 10% cashback, you get €15 credited back to your account.
  • There’s a weekly cashback of 20% up to a maximum amount of €50. Over the week, it turns out that you made a loss of €300. You receive a €50 cashback in this case, as this is the maximum you can receive – despite the fact that 20% of €300 comes out to €60.

On which casino games do you get a Cashback Bonus?

Cashbacks are not only common for online casinos, but are also used by bookmakers, and even online shops. It will therefore not surprise you that a cashback bonus lends itself to a variety of casino games such as video slots, table games, and live casino games.

Some common types of casino cashback bonuses are as follows:

  • Slots: cashbacks linked to online slots. This could be a particular selection of video slots, software supplier, or the entire portfolio.
  • Live casino: specifically intended for live casino games. However, a distinction can be made between live table games such as Roulette and Blackjack on the one hand and Live Game Shows on the other.
  • Sportsbook: cashbacks by bookmakers are very common. Providers that offer both a casino and sports section, like Mobile Wins Casino & Sports often differentiate between the two platforms in their cashbacks. Check out our bookmaker cashbacks on the promotions page.
  • VIP/High Roller/Loyalty Cashbacks: when it comes to VIP cashbacks, the amount of the cashback bonus depends on how often you play as a player. Or rather; how much money you play with. Loyal customers or high rollers, i.e. players who spend a lot of money, get higher cashbacks than regular customers.

Is a Cashback Bonus more attractive than a Deposit Bonus?

Not at first glance, but in the long run it probably is. After all, there is quite a difference when you compare the casino cashback bonus to a deposit bonus. For instance, 10% cash back feels a bit thin compared to a 100% doubling of the deposit.

Many players therefore probably prefer to get some extra bonus money after making a deposit rather than cash back afterwards. This in itself is not very surprising. Most people prefer to see money in their hand rather than having to wait for a delayed reward.

However, patience is a virtue. Which you’ll see when you compare the bonus terms of both types of bonuses. While there are hardly any with cashbacks, it takes some time for the average player to meet the wagering requirements of a deposit bonus or free spins bonus.

Conditions to take into account

Despite the simplicity of cashback bonuses, there are some terms and conditions that you need to consider. These are easier to understand than with other bonuses. 

In most cases you should have the following in mind:

  • Maximum amount: online casinos usually put a maximum amount on the cashback. In other words, you can’t just wager €1000 and expect to get 25% back on this amount (if you lose it). Certain maximums apply.
  • Net losses: online casinos pay out the cashback based on net losses. Existing credit is thereby automatically excluded from the total amount.
  • Wagering requirement: some cashbacks are instant. Real money back, no questions asked. But there can also be wagering requirements. Which means the cashback credit must be wagered x-number of times before a payout can be requested.

Advantages and disadvantages

As with any bonus, there are both advantages and disadvantages to casino cashback bonuses. To what extent they are favourable or unfavourable depends on the exact bonus terms.

Advantages cashback bonus

Cashback bonuses come with a lot of advantages, which explains the popularity of this particular casino bonus. Some of these advantages are as follows:

  • New opportunity: no one wants to lose money to the online casino. This is where the cashback comes around the corner, as it gives back some of the loss. Even if the cashback is only 5%, it is still nice and offers a kind of second chance to make a nice profit.
  • Flexible terms and conditions: in general, bonus terms and conditions are extensive. Cashbacks, however, are known for their simple and flexible terms and conditions. Depending on the conditions, you often get to decide what to do with the amount.
  • Low or no playback conditions: with many cashbacks you have your money paid out immediately, or after playing around a number of times. This prevents you from having to adhere to more extensive wagering requirements..
  • Multi-deployable: the average cashback may be wagered on a wide range of games in the online casino. Unless otherwise specified, you may play with it on online slots, for example, as well as in the live casino. Other casino bonuses exclude many game categories; cashbacks do so to a lesser extent.
  • Flexible wagering limits: usually no wagering limits apply. So you are allowed to play with higher stakes as well. This offers a lot more flexibility compared to other bonuses.

Disadvantage Cashback Bonus

Cashback bonuses come with some cons, although these do not outweigh the advantages. Some of the disadvantages to consider.

  • Excluded games: not all casino games are eligible for the cashback to kick in. Casinos may restrict certain games, which happens especially with table games that already face favourable house benefits.
  • Taking more risks: although cashbacks make up for some of your losses, don’t look at them as a foolproof safety net. In other words, always play responsibly – and don’t get carried away by the promise of a cashback bonus.
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