Which matches are still undecided in the Europa League Quarter Finals?

quarterfinals europa league

Even though Chelsea won with just one goal against Slavia Prague, everyone is expecting Chelsea to get their business in order tonight. Still, Sarri could be accused of arrogance of giving many of his star players a day off in the away game if things turn sour tonight. The one goal in Prague makes that tonight’s game is gonna be an open game, with a team that has nothing to lose and everything to win. We are sure Hazard will be on the pitch this time around. We think Chelsea will win this one.

Arsenal-Napoli seemed to be the most interesting match out of the four, and it might still be. Arsenal had two early goals and forgot to make the third, breaking Napoli’s spirit. Instead the Italians started to pressure more and more as the game advanced, especially after Millik entered the pitch. They will have left the pitch losing, but feeling that this can still be bend in Napoli. Arsenal needs to watch out.

Peninsula Iberico

Benfica almost secured themselves for the semi finals through the feet of nineteen year old João Félix, unless Frankfurt comes up with a master plan that is. With Haller being injured, we fear Eintracht Frankfurt lacks the attacking power. Although 4-2 is a big score to correct for the Germans, it is far from impossible. Benfica played against 10 man for almost 70 minutes, so the score is somewhat flattered. This is gonna be a great match to watch with Frankfurt full on the attack.

Villareal almost managed to make the return a really interesting one. It is a shame that they forgot a match lasts 90 minutes + extra time. Because they gave it all away in the last three minutes with Valencia turning a 1-1 score into 1-3. With Valencia being the better team at the moment and with 3 away goals, we fear that this is already played.

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