How to play: Additional blackjack variants

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Blackjack variations each come with their own set of rules. Mobile Wins will explain them in detail for you.

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In this series, you were able to read an in-depth explanation of blackjack. This was followed up with a particularly popular variant: blackjack 21+3. Together with the ‘original’, this variant is the most played and you will therefore see it most often in both “physical” and online casinos. But the variations don’t stop there…

There are many more blackjack variants and it would be interesting to take a look at them as well. However, in this article we will give you a clear picture of everything that is possible when it comes to this classic, immensely popular casino game. Read on!

Blackjack variant: Blackjack Switch

Whereas you normally play blackjack with one hand, you play Blackjack Switch with two sets of hands. However, it is possible to switch the second card per hand to the other hand if that is more convenient, hence the ‘Switch’ in the title.

You also bet double, potentially allowing you to win more as well. In doing so, you may double down on any pair if you wish, and the game can take on an even larger scale, given that splitting cards is also possible. However, this is up to a maximum of four hands.

Furthermore, the payout in blackjack is not 1:5 times, but 1:1. So the profit margin is lower, but if you win several times, it can turn out to be more lucrative.

Blackjack variant: Caribbean 21

An exotic variant of blackjack, where it is possible to double bet on a hand. If cards are subsequently split, it is possible to double down again. This allows for substantial betting, but comes with a slightly higher risk. So in this game, the Ace is not worth 1 and/or 11, but only 1 point.

This changes things considerably, as scoring a direct blackjack is not possible. The Ace combined with two cards of 10 points form the unique “Caribbean 21” which trump all other combinations that reach 21. This is the golden win target. In that scenario, you usually get paid 3:2, whereas all other bets are paid 1:1. In all other cases, the game is played with similar rules to blackjack.

Blackjack variant: Double Exposure Blackjack

Besides 21+3, this variant is a very common option in (online) casinos. The primary difference compared to regular blackjack is that the dealer places both cards face-up on the table instead of one. This allows you to see what you are up against immediately , which sounds easy enough. It is, were it not for some secondary changes that also apply to this game.

The moment there is a tie between dealer and player, the bank always wins. In addition, the player is allowed to split a maximum of one time and doubling bets are usually more limited. Also, uneven cards may not be split, regardless of identical value.

Blackjack variant: Pontoon

This blackjack variant is a somewhat unique one, as it is also considered the precursor to the well-known card game. The rules differ most from the previously described variants, but it still falls under the blackjack category.

In this game, there is no blackjack at 21, but rather ‘Pontoon’. The dealer does not deal any face cards to the bank either, so you do not know what is being dealt. You play blind, so to speak, and you lose to the bank if it has a Pontoon, as well as a push or draw. On the other hand, you can keep splitting up to three hands and if you have Pontoon yourself, you get paid 2:1 compared to 1:1 for all other winning combinations.

Furthermore, you will have to keep buying up to at least 15 points to which the dealer is obliged to buy up to 16 or 17 points. Moreover, there is no limit on doubling. In short, a slightly riskier game, but with a chance of bigger profits.

In conclusion

With that, we have covered some popular blackjack variants, so you know what to expect. Be aware, however, that the rules for each variant may vary slightly from casino to casino, so pay close attention to that. By the way, these are far from all the variants. We’ll be taking a look at the rest soon so keep yourself updated with the latest Mobile Wins news!

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