Publisher spotlight: Elk Studios

This Swedish publisher has a lot to offer slot lovers. Unique game themes, excellent gaming experience and auto betting strategies!

Elk Studios has been active in the iGaming world since 2013. Three men previously employed by Sweden’s largest software provider decided to go their own way. Where many big game developers release release after release, the gentlemen from Elk studios decided to take a different approach.

The quality of the games always comes first, even if this means releasing less than other developers. They are in good company, as iGaming giants NetEnt, Evolution and Yggdrasil have already made a name for themselves on Swedish soil.

Although Elk Studios’ portfolio may seem limited at first glance, it is fully in line with this young game developer’s strategy. So you can count on every release being another original and beautifully designed production.

Elk Studios’ portfolio

At the time of writing, Elk Studios’ full portfolio counts 57 games. Not that many, when you compare it to the hundreds of game titles that Evolution or Netent have launched. Nevertheless, this developer’s games are well liked by casinos and players alike. This is due to the games’ excellent graphics and original themes:

‘We love crisp art. From defined sound, flowing animations and astonishing graphics, our in-house studio leaves no room for taking shortcuts to deliver a high-end final product,’ says Elk Studios.

With new releases at 3 to 4 a year, it’s fair to say that the publisher has taken its time with new productions. They have since stepped up the pace and you can expect a new game from the Swedish game developer every month.

Elk Studios’ best-known games

Chances are you have already played a game that comes from this game maker’s stable. After all, you play Elk Studios’ games at many Dutch casinos such as Holland Casino and Batavia Casino. Earlier, we mentioned Book of Toro, which stars bulls, mummies and sarcophagi. Other titles from this publisher include:

Wild Toro

A wild bull and a scared bullfighter take on each other in this online slot.

Vegas Diamonds

As with Book of Toro, a special combo of different themes has been chosen. Who says the Middle Ages don’t go together with a Vegas theme? A remarkable choice, but excellently executed.

Sam on the Beach

Looking for a cheerful and relaxing online slot? Then play this beach-themed slot, complete with rasta vibes and tropical elements.

Mobile gaming experience comes first

While most software providers prioritise the desktop version, Elk Studios also puts the mobile gaming experience first. Of course, you can also just play the slots on your computer, but even when you are on the go, you can play a slot game from this game developer without restrictions. The games are all made in HTML 5, so you don’t have to compromise on the gaming experience when you prefer to play on your mobile.

Determine your own betting strategy

Elk Studios has developed several betting strategies you can use as a player. This means you can choose an offensive or defensive betting strategy. There are 4 betting strategies you can employ:


This optimises your winnings and minimises your losses. If you win, your bet is automatically increased by a percentage ranging between 1% and 10%. If you lose, your bet is automatically reduced.


Do you lose 5 times in a row? Then your bet is increased by two steps. Does this happen again? Then the bet is raised again. When you win, you return to the bet you started with.


This betting strategy also increases when you lose. This happens after just one spin without success. There are 4 levels, so your bet value never exceeds 4x the starting bet. With every win, you return to the starting amount.


This strategy also plays with four bet levels. However, here your bet is increased when you win, and you are returned to your original bet when you lose.

With these betting strategies, you can set your desired tactics to get the most out of your game. So you don’t have to do this manually, it happens automatically.

Special game themes, an excellent mobile gaming experience and automatic betting strategies ensure that this Swedish publisher has a lot to offer slot lovers. We are very curious to see what else we can expect from Elk Studios in the future!

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