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Online casino bonuses appeal to everyone, especially the no wagering bonus. The reason is straightforward. You don’t have to wager your winnings x-number of times and can immediately cash out. 

Because this bonus is so beneficial for the player, it automatically becomes less attractive for the casino itself. Which is why the no wagering bonus is not as common as other bonuses. When you do come across this bonus, you do want to know how to make the most of it.

We’ll tell you exactly what the no wagering bonus is. And what you need to pay attention to when claiming it. That’s way you can start your no wager spin or wager with an extra advantage.

What is a No Wager Bonus?

If you’re familiar with standard free spins bonuses, you’ll know that wagering requirements are very common. With no wagering bonuses, this requirement disappears. You don’t have to meet wagering requirements before you can request a payout. No-wagering is the opposite of wagering, and therefore ‘care-free’.

With most bonuses, the wagering requirement is the most important and limiting condition. The absence of this immediately makes it a lot easier for you to meet the conditions of the bonus.

No Wager Example with numbers

Let’s say there is a bonus that rewards you with 100 free spins for a deposit of £50. You start playing the free spins and after two spins you end up with a profit of say £250 (it’s one of those days).

The wagering conditions are 25x. This means you have to wager the winnings from your free spins, which comes down to 250 x 25 = 6,250.

Were it not for these wagering requirements, you could have requested an immediate payout. In this example it would have given you a nice profit of £200 (£250 minus the £50 deposit). You can continue playing if you want, but are free to request a payout.

Why do online casinos offer No Wagering Bonuses?

Offering a single deposit bonus is no longer enough for online casinos if they want to retain players. Competition is cut-throat and players are in control. If one casino does not offer the bonus they are looking for, they will sign up somewhere else. That’s why online casinos offer no-deposit bonuses, organise tournaments and give away other rewards.

No-wagering bonuses are a type of bonus that are very popular among players and. Which is why they’re effective to appeal to players. It’s why Mobile Wins Casino offers this bonus.  

Some of the reasons we’ll keep doing it:

Standing out from other providers

Experienced players know that not every bonus is equally interesting. To what extent a bonus is interesting, depends largely on the bonus conditions that come with it. Of all the conditions, the wagering requirements have the biggest impact.

By being flexible about this, or not setting any wagering requirements, you can distinguish yourself as an online casino. Because there are many online casinos that are not so lenient in this respect.

Building trust

Online casinos understand better than anyone how important trust is. Not so long ago, online casinos were often labelled unreliable. Making people think twice before making a deposit.

Today, the market is regulated. With authorities looking after it as a government body. By coming up with reasonable bonus terms, a casino shows that it is not just out for a deposit. But wants to offer a bonus that can be really beneficial.

Advantages for you as a player

Every online casino bonus comes with benefits. But it depends on the conditions to what extent they are perceived as beneficial by players. Fortunately, the absence of wagering conditions does make it very advantageous for players:

  • No time pressure: with wagering requirements, players are pressured to use the free spins bonus or free bonus money within a certain period of time. With a no-wagering bonus, you don’t have to worry about this.
  • Keep playing or cash out: when you win, you can keep playing for even more. Or cash out whenever you want. You are in control.
  • Transparent: there is no other casino bonus that is as simple and transparent. As we mentioned earlier, the most strict bonus condition is the wagering conditions. Since these are no longer present, it becomes a lot easier to understand the conditions.

What kind of No Wagering Bonuses are there?

No-wagering bonuses come in different forms. They all have one thing in common – there are no wagering requirements. Should you come across a no-wagering bonus, chances are it will be one of the following bonuses:

  • Free spins: the free spins don’t need to be wagered x-number of times before a payout may be requested.
  • Bonus money: the extra bonus amount you received on top of your deposit does not have to be wagered.
  • Cashback: you get money back from the casino on your losses and may decide whether to wager it or have it cashed out. 
  • Reload bonus: a deposit bonus offered to existing customers. The reload bonus can take different forms such as bonus money or free spins.

While no-wagering bonuses can be offered in various ways, they are highly unusual for welcome bonuses and no-deposit bonuses. The latter is quite logical. Because in that scenario you would receive money from the casino without even having to make a deposit.

With no-wagering, you could have this amount of money cashed out immediately. It is also less common that no-wagering bonuses are offered for live casino games. Or even online table games, for that matter. This is because with these types of games, skills and experience make a difference. Making it very unattractive for the house to charge no-wagering bonuses.

No Wager Bonus Checklist

Redeeming your no-wagering happens in much the same way as other bonuses. Before you claim your no-wager bonus, we recommend you pay attention to the following:

  • Selected vs excluded games: the no-wagering bonus is usually not valid for the full range of games. There are often some selected games. Which automatically means there are games that are excluded from participation. Sometimes specific titles or even entire categories such as live casino games. The bonus terms will clearly state this.
  • Minimum deposit: no-wagering bonuses are advantageous by default, but often require a minimum deposit. Only when this is done can any bonus winnings be released.
  • Maximum bet: you can bet there is a maximum bet set by the online casino. It is meant to prevent you from wagering a huge amount, winning, and having it paid out immediately. For example, a maximum bet can be €5 per spin, which prevents mega amounts being wagered per spin. Make sure you meet the maximum bet. If you don’t, you can’t cash out any winnings.
  • Time limit: the no-wagering bonus is generally a lot more flexible than other bonuses when it comes to time limits. Still, this does not necessarily mean that the bonus is unlimited. So make sure to read the bonus terms and conditions.


The no-wagering bonus, is a favourable casino bonus that imposes no wagering conditions. This makes the bonus easier to understand, and easier to convert into winnings. The free of wagering bonus comes in various forms and can be paid out at any time. This is not an obligation, by the way. You can also decide to continue playing to chase a larger profit.

Most no-play bonuses are handed out in the form of bonus money and free spins. The same goes for cashbacks. The main advantages of no wagering bonuses are that they are easy to understand. And also impose less time pressure. While other bonuses require you to meet the wagering requirements within a certain amount of time, you now have a lot more peace of mind.

If you want to experience the upsides of a no wager bonus right away, make sure to claim our welcome offer – 100% up to $/£/€200.

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