The Greatest Casino sights in the World

interior of monte carlo

Even if you are not a fan of gambling, visiting one of the worlds amazing casino sights can be an impressive experience for any trip. So much grandour, lights, spectacle and dreams comes true (and crushed) you will most likely see nowhere else. There is a certain ‘air’ to the casino world that attracts even tourists who never placed a bet but just want to see the casino sights. For all those people, and for everyone that has a dream of sleeping in the 2000 bedroom City of Dreams Hotel in Macau, or the Vegas or Monte Carlo equivalent, we have created a list of the greatest casino sights in the world:

Tourist friendly casino sights

Not all places are tourist friendly. Some casino strips are just targetting gamblers aggressively. As a tourist you can feel harassed by the marketing techniques casinos are using to lure you in. These particular places however, are a pleasure to anyone:

  • The Bellagio, Las Vegas: This is arguably the most famous casino in the world. Background of many Hollywood films, it has gained recognition as the best casino in the world by many. The Bellagio Resort is a great hotel to stay, even if you don’t fancy a gamble.
  • The Venetian Macau Resort Hotel: Both Las Vegas and Macau have a strong preference for old European cities as a theme for their casinos and hotels. The most important city of all is Venice. When visiting, you will see many former A-listed artists such as Bon Jovi performing. If the romance of Paris is more your thing, there is a Paris Resort as well.
  • The Monte Carlo Casino: Bring your wallet when visiting this one. Luckily, the neo-baroque architecture alone is enough to really enjoy the grandness of the casino, meaning you don’t HAVE to visit it when you are visiting Monaco. The interior however is absolutely gorgeous, so if you just had one casino visit in your life… This should be it.
  • Casino Copenhague: With a beautiful view from the Amager Boulevard over the city canals and harbor lies the Copenhague Casino. Although Scandinavia is not as well known for their gambling culture as the previous mentioned Las Vegas, Monte Carlo and Macau, it is just as lively. Surely a great stop after a nice dinner besides the canal.
  • Vladivostok: Russia’s Las Vegas is a bit obscure compared to the other options mentioned, but therefore all the more interesting as a casino sight to visit. This place lies a bit secluded near the forests and is especially popular with gamblers just over the border from China. Or well, popular.. ‘at least it is close and it has fresh air’.

Experience other cultures

Gambling is not the same experience around the world. There are many differences in etiquette and gameplay that make visits to casinos abroad a learning expereince. From the jawdropping grandeur, to the sheer lack of it; one thing is for certain, you will not get bored!

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