How to play: Wagers on Online Slots

Want some basic guidance on how to wager on online slots? Read our brief overview and pick up on our tips before you head over to our online casino!

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Slots are one of the most fun ways to make money. It is easy to play for beginners, but there are also slots that are more challenging and where you have more chances of winning. You can read more about that in our article discussing the differences between classic and video slots. But besides slots being incredibly fun to do, you obviously want it to pay off. How exactly that works is explained further in this article.

Decide for yourself a maximum amount you will wager per day

First, a disclaimer. This article discusses how to have the best chance of winning money, but never spend more money than you want to spend. It is wise to think about how much you are going to wager in advance. Once you reach this amount, stop playing. Gambling is great fun, of course, but you shouldn’t spend all your money on it.

Minimum and maximum wagers

Every slot machine has a minimum and a maximum amount you can bet per round. It is often recommended to bet an amount close to the maximum bet, as this gives you the best chance of winning. With online slots, it is often possible to select the paylines you want to play with. If you want to select all possible paylines, you will soon go towards the maximum bet for the round, but then you will have a chance to win a sum of money on all paylines. Of course, this is not always possible, for instance if a slot machine has more than a thousand paylines. But then you still have the best chance of winning if you click on as many paylines as possible.

So how do you choose the best paylines? You do so by carefully studying the paytable in advance. At most online casinos, you will find the paytable under the ‘i’ of info.

RTP (return to player)

RTP is a term that always comes up when you play online slots, and is also a very important percentage to pay attention to when gambling. This is because it stands for ‘return to player’, which means how much money you get paid out per currency wagered. So the higher this percentage is, the more money you receive when you win. Did you already know that the RTP in online gambling is actually almost always higher than in real casinos? Most online slots do have an RTP of at least 96%. So it is also advisable not to offer a slot machine with an RTP lower than this.

Just a simple example of how the RTP works. If you bet a pound, then with an RTP of 96%, 96% of this pound is paid back to the players, or 96 pence. So out of 100 pounds, 96 pounds are paid back to players and the casino makes a profit of 4 pounds. So the higher the payout percentage is, the more likely you are to win something.

Free spins wagers

Some online casinos give away free spins as a bonus, for example as a welcome bonus. Free spins are of course nice because they give you a ‘free’ chance of winning money as you wager on online slots. However, always be careful when wagering free spins, because some casinos require you to wager the money you win again at an online slot machine before you can have it cashed out. In case you have to wager it again often, it might not be worth using your free spins.

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