Thunderstruck II: bright as lightning

Delve into the Norse mythology with this lightning bolt of a game, where you aid Thor in defending Asgard.

What do you do as a game developer when your slot becomes a hit? You come up with a sequel that has to match the success! We present to you: Thunderstruck II (or Thunderstruck 2, if you prefer runes to Roman numbers) from Microgaming, the younger brother of Thunderstruck the original. What should you know about this game before playing it? And is it as epic as its predecessor? You can read all about it here.

Thunderstruck II stands alone

First of all, it must be said that fans of Thunderstruck 1 may be surprised when they expect this sequel to be a 2.0 version. However, apart from the theme, this game is quite different. Still, that certainly didn’t turn out to be a disappointment for many fans, as Thunderstruck II has also made it to iGaming’s hall of fame. And yes, this game may have hitchhiked on the success of Thunderstruck 1, but that is forgiven. The game dates back to 2010, but the graphics remain very satisfying and almost cinematic.

Give Thor a hand

The story behind this slot: Thor’s brother Loki attacks his beloved city of Asgard, and you lend a hand to the best man with the hammer. A number of other gods pass by on your reels as you play more often, each providing its own bonus. In addition to Thor and Loki, we have Valkyrie and Odin, which give you up to 25 free spins. You need to keep spinning for a while before unlocking a new god(s) with its bonus round, and logically, those bonus rounds get increasingly interesting in terms of spins and wins. Thor obviously has the most free spins in store for you, as well as the necessary multipliers. Other important symbols in addition include that well-known hammer and Thor’s house. The game’s logo is the wild, which substitutes for all symbols except the hammer. During a ‘wild storm’, several reels can suddenly fill up with wilds, and you’re bound to get some!

Big hits and flashy gameplay

Thunderstruck II has 243 ways to win on a 3×5 grid. A number of paylines that is not very spectacular nowadays, but at the time this game was released, it was quite revolutionary. Times change… If you’re familiar with Microgaming‘s Immortal Romance, you’ll recognise the gameplay is pretty similar to this classic. For instance, in Thunderstruck II you will also find so-called tumbling reels, where after a win symbols disappear from the reel and are replaced by symbols falling down. Like almost every popular classic in the casino genre, the gameplay is nicely accessible, so very suitable for small and novice players. As are the stakes, by the way, which can be between 30 cents and 15 euros. Not exactly a game for the high rollers, or those who like a big gamble and ditto stakes.

Lightly curious?

Want to try out this game? You can play Thunderstruck II at our own Casino!

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