StarCraft 2 Teams

Top 5 most famous teams of 2019

Team Liquid

A Brood War progaming team since 2000, Team Liquid quickly became one of the top StarCraft 2 teams since the beta. German player TLO has been playing for Team Liquid since 2010. Korean superstars HerO and TaeJa played for Team Liquid until their retirements. The team currently features top European players MaNa, uThermal and TLO. TaeJa recently returned from retirement to re-join Team Liquid.

Jin Air Green Wings

The last of the old Proleague StarCraft 2 teams. Jin Air won the last Proleague in 2016 over SK Telecom T1. Jin Air features some of the best players in the world, including three time GSL winner Maru and world champions sOs and Rogue.


Splyce signed two of the best Korean players: Stats and TY. Stats has won GSL and SSL, while TY has won WESG and IEM. The team is also active in many other eSports games, such as League of Legends and Overwatch.

Invictus Gaming

Invictus Gaming is the premier Chinese StarCraft team since 2011. Most top Chinese players currently play here: Jim, MacSed, XiGua, XY and iAsonu. Invictus Gaming is also known for its League of Legends World Champions team.


Newbee recently signed 3 players to make a splash in the StarCraft scene: TIME, Scarlett and Dear. These players represent the brand in China, America and South-Korea. 

Best StarCraft 2 team achievements

STX SouL at  2012-2013 Proleague

STX SouL used to be a low-tier Proleague team since its Brood War years. STX finished in 6th place at the 2011-2012 Proleague and showed little promise going into the next one. The team suddenly started to win, especially ace players Dear, Trap and INnoVation. STX found itself winning the finals against Woongjin Stars, another underdog team. Tragically, both teams disbanded after Proleague ended.

FXOpen at 2012 GSTL Season 2 & 3

FXOpen arguably wasn’t even a top 5 team coming into the 2012 GSTL season. The team finished an admirable third place at Season 1. Against all expectations, FXOpen managed to win the next two GSTL seasons. Season 2 ended on the back of a GuMiho all-kill, Season 3 with three GuMiho kills. Head coach Choya was lauded as a tactical genius and GuMiho as the best team league player.

Team Liquid at IPL Team Arena Challenge 3

IPL TAC was an online team league for StarCraft 2 teams from around the world. The league was always stacked with the best Korean teams, who dominated the first two editions. IPL TAC 3 proved no different, with just Team Liquid representing the international teams in the final bracket. Team Liquid managed to upset StarTale and SlayerS on the back of TaeJa’s combined 7 kills. Team Liquid had to beat Incredible Miracle, the best team in the world, twice to win the league. TaeJa almost defeated IM single-handedly, all-killing them the first set and getting two kills the second set before finally falling to GSL champion Seed. Seed closed out the series against HerO and won IM the trophy. TaeJa finished the league with a 23-3 score and gained Team Liquid the nickname ‘Team TaeJa’.

StarCraft 2 teams Hall of Fame

SlayerS 2011

SlayerS won in 2011 two GSTL titles and five individual titles. Most of these titles came on the back of MMA, SlayerS’ ace player. The team had by far the broadest and strongest player roster in the scene. SlayerS’ individual results were only eclipsed by Incredible Miracle’s Mvp and NesTea, who combined won seven individual titles.

Evil Geniuses 2012

Evil Geniuses in 2012 fielded some of the best and most popular players in the world. Coming into 2012 EG had the two most popular western players in the world, HuK and IdrA. The team signed Stephano, ThorZaIN and Jaedong in 2012, each high level and extremely popular players. EG was compared to the New York Yankees for their purchases of top players.

KT Rolster 2014

KT Rolster was home to the best Brood War player in the world, Flash. He formed an unstoppable duo with rising star Zest. KT Rolster won the 2014 Proleague and Zest became the best player in the world with three major titles. Most impressive feat is that the team managed to dominate with a home-grown squad.

SK Telecom T1 2015

SK Telecom T1 and the other Proleague teams switched in 2012 from StarCraft: Brood War to StarCraft 2. Their rich sponsors allowed them to acquire some of the best players in the world. SK Telecom T1 purchased top players like Soulkey, INnoVation, PartinG, Dream, Dark and Classic in the 2013-2015 years. The team dominated the entire 2015 Proleague. Individual results consisted of five major titles and four second places.

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