StarCraft 2 Tournaments

Biggest tournaments

The tournament circuit is split in two leagues: WCS Korea and the international WCS Circuit. Korea has the most competitive, high level tournaments. Its two biggest tournament series are the GSL and SSL. WCS features all players outside of Korea in international tournaments. Korean residents can’t compete here. Notable Circuit tournaments series are DreamHack and IEM. 8 players with the most points in each league advance to the Global Finals at BlizzCon. They battle for 280.000 dollar and the title of world champion.


World Championship Series, the premier StarCraft 2 tournament series. Players gather points in the Korean or the international circuit. The top 8 of each circuit qualifies for the Global Finals to battle for the title of world champion. Current world champion is Finnish player Serral.


The oldest and most prestigious StarCraft 2 league. The Global StarCraft 2 League has featured the best players in the world since 2010. No player from outside Korea has ever been able to break the Korean stronghold and win a GSL. GSL gives out the most WCS points of any tournament.

WCS Circuit

The WCS Circuit events are exclusively for international players. Each tournament in this series is held at a DreamHack event. This is the main tournament series for non-Korean players. Serral won all four WCS Circuit events in 2018.


The World Electronic Sport Games is yearly Olympics-like tournament featuring many games. Each country qualifies one player to represent them. TY won the first StarCraft 2 edition in 2018.


ESL hosts Intel Extreme Masters events for StarCraft 2 since 2010. The biggest IEM is the World Championship at Katowice in March. IEM has hosted StarCraft 2 since its launch in 2010.


A relaxed tournament focused on having fun and connecting pro players and fans in a friendly environment. The tournament is often the first one to play with a new game patch. TaeJa famously won three editions in a row.

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