UEFA Super Cup Bet Predictions: Liverpool vs Chelsea

This UEFA Super Cup is gonna be a special one. It will be the first edition where there will be two english teams facing off against each other. Champions League Winner Liverpool will take on Europa League winner Chelsea at the Vodafone Park in Istanbul. It is easy to point towards the 25 point difference between the two teams last season and point at Liverpool as the expected winner for the UEFA Super Cup. To easy. Let’s see what the two teams have done during the transfer period thus far. Do we have reason to believe either has come out stronger?

Liverpool 2019-2020 update

It has been ‘awfully’ quiet around Liverpool this summer. They attracted a single young Dutch back (no, not de Ligt but Sepp van den Berg) and no one of big importance has left the squad yet. This will probably mean Liverpool will enter the pitch as the oiled machine it was last season. With Virgil van Dijk, Mohamed Salah and Alisson; Klopp has some of the best players in the world at his disposal. There is no reason to believe that this team won’t pick up where it left two months ago, winning everything.

Chelsea 2019-2020 update

Chelsea has hardly done any worse than Liverpool last season, winning the UEFA Europa League and coming in third in the Premier League. In the 4-1 win over Arsenal in the Europa League final, Hazard scored twice. And unfortunately, it is this Eden Hazard that has left the Blues for Real Madrid. Receiving €100 million for the left wing player, they have the financial means to find a new star player, but they aren’t just for the pickup when you need one. And if they find one, will he be ready for the responsibility so soon? Few people realise how big the role of Hazard was for Chelsea. He was top scorer and first in assists(!) in the last two seasons. One new name that bears the burden of Hazards legacy is Christian Pulisic. The Dortmund rightwing player came last winter for 64 million from Dortmund and the expectations are high, even though he was not an uncontested player at his former club.

Another big change at the club from London is that their coach, Sarri, has been replaced by all star icon Lampard. The former star player may be a club icon, but is he also a good coach? Only time will tell. Frank has his work cut out for him, since 36 players who were lent to other clubs have returned. Though just a few will be good enough for the first selection. He might tell the board of directors that it is weird that a club that has spent over half a billion last four years has no super stars. And he is right. As things stand, Chelsea is lightyears away from Liverpool.

pre-match statistics

Liverpool has a small edge over Chelsea in their previous encounters, with a 72-59 advantage for the Reds. Also last season Liverpool had an easy win with 2-0 at Anfield. All these figures seem to be in favour of the club from Liverpool. Chelsea also failed to win 4 out of 5 last Premier League matches, while Liverpool won their last nine. Scoring over two goals each game.

Liverpool Chelsea Super Cup

We expect Liverpool to win this one. They have the better team, the more consistency, the flow and the more experienced coach. We can’t think of one position in the team where we’d prefer a player from Chelsea over that of Liverpool. At odds currently standing on 1.8 for Liverpool, it’s quite a chance to make some money. Try out our Free Bet for Liverpool vs Chelsea UEFA Super Cup Today!

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