Match of the Day: Kenya vs Tanzania

Kenya vs Tanzania is gonna be the first unofficial knockout match of the tournament. With both teams losing 0-2 in the first round, the loser of this match will be down and out for the knockout phase. Who got the best papers? We’ll give you all the information and some predictions for a great pre-live bet!

In the previous four encounters, the teams managed to score under 2.5 goals per match. That seems a safe bet for sure. Tanzania plays quite defensively and question is whether Kenya could score more than 2 even if they wanted to. Another likely outcome of this match is a draw, seeing that would give both teams a shot for advancing to the next round. If you feel going for a winner, then Kenya with 1-0 over Tanzania seems like a likely outcome. As they impressed us more than Tanzania.

Africa Cup Group C Predictions

Senegal and Algeria are about the share the spoils of winning the first round. Senegal is currently the highest ranked team on the FIFA ratings list at nr 22, but the ‘desert foxes’ are the upcoming team full of promising youngsters. We expect both these teams to go through to the next round, regardless of what happens tonight. In the third round of the group phase, it is unlikely that either Algeria or Senegal will spill any points.

Favourites for winning the Africa Cup

After almost two rounds in, what teams are looking to be title candidates? What teams surprised and what teams disappoint? First that comes to mind is the host country, former finalist, seven time winner and the land of Muhammed Salah: Egypt. This North African country has the best papers and the best player(s). The start of their tournament was promising enough, with a 2-0 victory over Congo-Kinshasa and a win over Zimbabwe. This will be the team to beat, but we think there are some countries who might just be able to take them. One team to mention are the Atlas Lions of Morocco, that cruised through the qualifications. Other mentionable teams are Senegal, Nigeria, Algeria and Ivory Coast. The team missing here is Tunisia, who drew their first match against expectations. The big surprise (or the team on the rise) is Uganda. Not a title candidate, but they can get further than 2017.

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