Womens World Cup Finale: USA v Netherlands

Sunday we’ll see the climax of the Womens World Cup 2019 with the finale between the USA and the Netherlands! And what a finale it will be: the 3 time in a row finalist face of against the current European Champions! And for those interested in betting, there are some nice chances of winning here. Though the most obvious bet, a win for the USA, won’t get you far. So we have to look at some other interesting bets! First let’s look at some pre-match statistics:

Where the battle will be decided: Julie Ertz versus Danielle van de Donk

With former ‘FIFA player of the year’ Lieke Martens probably out for the tournament, most of the balls forward will go through the dutch playmaker Danielle van de Donk. She was one of the best players in the field against Sweden. As was Julie Ertz against the English. The defending midfielder kept England from passing through the center of the field entirely. For the live betters among you; have a close look on how these two will develop during the match. Here lies the key for predicting who will be the dominant team.

The road to the finals

The United States took the hardest road possible to the finals and did so convincingly. Taking out England as well as France, both considered top teams and stronger than the Netherlands on paper have the US going into the finals quite confident. For the Dutch it is an entirely different story. They had the easy bracket, but still needed all the luck while struggling to advance. Only if the Netherlands manage to reach their level they showed against Italy in the second half they have a chance of winning this one.

The odds are about 1.5 for US and about 8.00 for the Dutch to win this. Unless you are believing in the Dutch to struggle and get lucky again (which is entirely possible), we might want to look for some other bets. Specific results like 2-1 will get you a nice payout. So will betting on the dutch to score and US to win. If you are betting on the US to win anyway, these are the sweet spots where you can still make some money!

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