Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Tournaments


Within CS:GO, there are many exciting and flashy tournaments that can make or break CS:GO history. Here are some of the tournaments which you should definitely take a look at. These events will have you sitting at the edge of your seat, palms sweaty.


ELEAGUE is a professional eSports league that began broadcasting in 2016 on the American television channel TBS. The launch with CS:GO started in May 2016, the league features 24 teams from across the world to compete in two 10-week league seasons annually, which includes a regular season, playoffs, and a championship. With 4 annual tournaments, and the highest prize money coming close to over 2 million, the ELEAGUE can call itself the biggest tournament for CS:GO.

Intel Extreme Masters

The Intel Extreme Masters are a series of international eSports tournaments held in countries around the world. These Electronic Sports League events, sponsored by Intel, include leagues in Starcraft II, CS:GO, Quake, League of Legends and Hearthstone. The League has existed for twelve seasons as of 2018, and the finals are highly renowned, broadcasted, and viewed events.

ESL One Series

ESL One refers to premier offline tournaments across a variety of games, and is usually considered to be among the most prestigious events for each game. ESL One events are often selected to be part of the Valve-sponsored CS:GO Major series.

ESL Pro League

ESL Pro League is a CS:GO tournament run by ESL. Teams from two continents, North America and Europe will compete in fourteen team leagues to attempt to qualify for the Finals. Each continent will feature the top 11 teams from last season’s ESL Pro League, one team from the ESEA Premier Finals and two teams from last season’s relegation. This is one of the few tournaments featuring the best of the best, all fighting blood, sweat and tears for that trophy.

DreamHack Masters

DreamHack Masters is DreamHack’s eSports arena event brand, different from the traditional and famous DreamHack LAN festivals. The event serves as the ultimate experience for eSports fans from around the world wanting to watch their favorite professional teams and players play on the biggest of stages. It hosts some of the best teams and players and has spawned some of CS:GO’s most memorable moments.

Esports Championship Series

In a cooperation between Youtube and FACEIT, the Esports Championship Series is an optimistic eSports initiative designed with the goal to help eSports grow beyond its current state, while respecting the core values of the eSports ecosystem and the community. The league has been designed by adapting concepts common in traditional sports to eSports, while leveraging the characteristics that are unique to this concept. This league features the best teams from both Europe, and North America, in a score based tournament. Eventually the winner from either side will face each other in an epic finale.

World Electronic Sports Games

The World Electronic Sports Games is a Chinese eSport event organized by Alisports. 24 Teams from across the world qualified through their various regional qualifiers for a chance at the 1,5 million dollar prize pool. With some of the biggest prize pools in CS:GO history, this event is definitely an exciting one.

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