Women’s World Cup Football Odds: Day 5

New Zealand – Netherlands

New Zealand is slightly the underdog in this match. Though this team is not to be underestimated. Having reached the finals of the Women’s World Cup Football for the fourth time in a row now and ranking 19th in the world. Though their appearances on the World Cup stage haven’t been a big success so far; not winning a single match in the last three group stages and needless to say not advancing to the next round once. This season, the kiwi’s have won three matches and lost four.

The Netherlands are the reigning European Champions and are favourite in the group to advance to the next round in Group E, along with Canada. In contrast to New Zealand, the Netherlands only participated once on the Finals of the Women’s World Cup in 2015. Also in contrast to New Zealand, they actually did manage to advance to the last sixteen when they did. This season the Dutch had a rough start in the Algarve Cup, losing to Spain and Poland and only managing to win against China through a penalty shoot-out. Though they seem to have found their winning form in time, winning their last three matches with a staggering 12-0.

We predict Netherlands to win this, though a draw isn’t unthinkable and has far better odds. What do you think?

Chile – Sweden

It is Chile’s debut at the Women’s World Cup Finals. Hopefully this will give the team a mental boost, since their form is horrible at the moment; losing seven games out of their last nine. The other two were a draw. The team still ranks 39th in the world, but having lost twice to Jamaica who are currently placed 53, they need a good performance this tournament to maintain their position. Chile’s biggest loss this year was against the Netherlands (0-7), who are considered on the same level as Sweden.

Since the Netherlands are ranked 8th in the world and Sweden is just one step behind on ninth place. This country has always participated in the World Cup Women’s finals, an accomplishment in itself. Even more impressive is the fact that they almost always manage to advance to the knockout stages (only failing once). Sweden will want to win this match, since they are in a group with the defending champions USA. They also have had a rough start this season in the Algarve Cup, losing three matches. Though recent friendlies have gone better, this is the match that needs to be won.

With both these teams not in optima forma, we expect Sweden to have more quality on the pitch and take this game home.

United States – Thailand

What is there to say about this match. The odds speak for themselves. The USA has been dominating women’s football for decades. Being the World Cup Title defenders and the current number one in the world. For the last seven editions of the tournament they have at least reached the semi-finals and won the trophy three times. Their last loss dates back to Januari, and the loss before that all the way to July 2017. The last six matches have been won with scoring a staggering amount of 23 goals.

The women from Thailand are considered one of the top teams in Southeast Asia. Though their last 13 matches only produced a single win, losing the other twelve. This win dates back to February, where they played against Hungary in the Cyprus Cup. In preparation of this tournament, they played against Belgium who is ranked 20th and lost 6-1. The 34th ranked country in the world is attending the Women’s World Cup for the second time; the last entry stranded in the group stage. Needless to say who we expect to win here. If you are looking for an interesting bet, try something like over 4.5 goals for instance.

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