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Betting on darts has become wildly popular. Big advantage: there is a lot to bet on. One of the crowd favourites is the PDC World Series of Darts. Find out everything you need to know about this tournament, including bonuses, odds boosts and free bets!

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The PDC darts calendar is packed these days. The World Series of Darts is a unique tournament played all over the world. Betting on World Series of Darts is therefore done everywhere.

Fans of betting on darts like to watch the PDC World Championship, the Premier League of Darts and the Grand Slam of Darts. Alternatively, as one of the PDC’s most unique non-ranked tournaments, there is the World Series of Darts.

It is basically a series of tournaments around the world with, of course, a final tournament. In this article, we look at the format, history, betting markets and top matches of the PDC World Series of Darts.

Format – PDC World Series of Darts

The approach of the World Series of Darts is different from, for example, the World Series in American baseball. With this tournament, the PDC attempts to make darts more popular in other countries. At various locations around the world, players from the top of the PDC Ranking will compete against local players.

Participation in the regional tournaments is on an invitation-only basis for both PDC top players and local players. In the World Series of Darts Finals, the final tournament, 24 players compete. The best eight from the World Series Ranking and 16 other players – invited players and qualifiers.

From tournaments to Finals

The ranking points from the World Series tournaments are as follows:

  • winner 12 points
  • losing finalist 8 points
  • semi-finalist 5 points
  • quarter-finalist 3 points
  • first round 1 point

In the final tournament, the best eight players enter in the second round. The first round consists of the qualifiers and other invited players. The first and second rounds are played in a best of 11 legs, the quarter-final best of 19 and the semi-final and final best of 21. So in the end, it’s all about 11 won legs in the semi-final and final.

History – PDC World Series of Darts

The tournament was conceived by the PDC in 2013, in response to the fact that many tournaments were only played in England, or but a few other selected countries. That year, the World Series of Darts went to Dubai and Sydney, Australia. A year later, Singapore and Perth (also in Australia) were added. In 2015, the darters went to Tokyo, Japan and Auckland, New Zealand.

World Series of Darts venues disappear again

In time China, the US, Germany, Denmark, and the Netherlands were also added to the calendar as countries with a tournament. Unfortunately, many venues were also quickly dropped again. For example, Dubai, Sydney, Shanghai, Tokyo and Germany are no longer on the calendar. In 2022, the participating countries were: USA, New Zealand, Denmark, New Zealand, the Netherlands and Australia.

The year 2015 also saw the first ever World Series of Darts Finals, a final tournament. Michael van Gerwen was the first winner of the tournament, which was held for three years in Glasgow, Scotland. Mighty Mike even won all three tournaments. In 2018 and 2020, the Finals was held in Austria, in 2019 and from 2021 onwards in The Netherlands.

Statistics – PDC World Series of Darts

There have been 42 matches and seven finals in the World Series of Darts since the first tournament in 2013. Not surprisingly, Michael van Gerwen is the most successful darts player so far. He has played in 40 of the 42 matches and all 7 finals. Of those 40 appearances, he won 10 tournaments. Additionally Mighty Mike won 4 of the 7 World Series of Darts Finals: 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2019.

Taylor better than Van Barneveld

Phil Taylor was still quite successful in his latter days with 8 tournament wins in 25 appearances. Gary Anderson won six. Peter Wright is by far the most invited player after Michael van Gerwen. He played in 44 tournaments and finals, but won only 3 tournaments and lost two Finals (to Van Gerwen). Raymond van Barneveld was in 37 tournaments, but never won a final, instead losing five.

Besides the four final wins for Michael van Gerwen, James Wade (2018), Gerwyn Price (2020) and Jonny Clayton (2021) also won the Finals. Danny Noppert was a losing finalist against van Gerwen in 2019.

Betting Markets – PDC World Series of Darts

When betting on darts, there are often a number of odds (betting markets) to choose from. We highlight some of them.

Betting on PDC World Series of Darts – live betting

It’s not a specific betting market, but live betting on darts can be a fun activity. Many bookmakers give you the option to bet on darts live, including at the PDC World Series of Darts, so you can use your insights at the live matches when betting on them.

Betting on PDC World Series of Darts – handicap

A somewhat underexposed betting market is the handicap. No, nothing like in golf, although it has similarities. When betting, you expect a power difference between the two opponents. It gives better odds than just simply predicting the winner. For example, if you expect a big win by Michael van Gerwen, you can bet on a handicap -1.0 or -2.0. Then he starts the match with such a handicap, so to speak. So with a handicap -1.0, he has to win with at least two legs difference.

Betting on PDC World Series of Darts – number of 180s

Ooooooone-hundred and eighty! We like to hear that, of course. The bookmakers know that and that is why you can always bet on who throws the most 180s or how many they throw. Dirk van Duijvenbode, for example, is one such ‘big hitter’, as is Michael Smith.

Historical matches – PDC World Series of Darts

2015 – Michael van Gerwen wins first Finals over Peter Wright

There is almost no tournament missing from Michael van Gerwen’s list of honours. Mighty Mike couldn’t help but win the first edition of the PDC World Series of Darts Finals. He averaged over 100 in all four matches, and in a thrilling final he beat Peter Wright 11-10.

Last 3 legs.

2018 – Raymond van Barneveld beats Michael van Gerwen

It would take until the fourth edition for Mighty Mike to lose his first match in the Finals. In the quarter-finals, he faced Raymond van Barneveld. After falling behind 6-3, Barney rose above himself to win, despite a lower average of 99.67 against 103.59. Barney’s doubles in particular were fantastic.

Last 3 legs.

2020 – Peter Wright loses semi-final to Gerwyn Price

We don’t call this historic match ‘Peter Wright loses…’ for nothing. Because the eccentric Scot has the dubious honour of losing to Gerwyn Price despite an average of 108.10. That 108.10 was not only the No 7 average of all time in the World Series of Darts. It was also almost 6 points higher than Gerwyn Price (102.48), who nevertheless won by a whopping 11-6.

Semi-final Wright vs Price

Main Darts Events

Cazoo PDC World Darts Championship

The PDC World Darts Championship in the Alexandra Palace is hailed by many as the greatest darts tournament. The best darts players in the world will cross darts to decide who is the very best in early January.

Mobile Wins Sports | Events | Darts | PDC World Series of Darts
PDC World Series of Darts

One of the most favoured tournaments in darts is the PDC World Series of Darts.

At various locations around the world, players from the top of the PDC Ranking will compete against local players.

Mobile Wins Sports | Events | Darts | Dutch Open
TOTO Dutch Open Darts

The Dutch Open is played according to the knockout system where the winner of each match advances to the next round. For fans of betting on darts, this is definitely not to be missed.

Mobile Wins Sports | Events | Darts | PDC World Grand Prix
BoylEsports PDC World Grand Prix

One of the most enjoyable tournaments on the PDC calendar is the PDC World Grand Prix. A different format, lots of excitement and unpredictability.

Mobile Wins Sports | Events | Darts | PDC Premier League
PDC Premier League Darts

The Premier League Darts is an annual competition. The Premier League Darts tournament lasts from February to May and has been organised since 2005.

Ten players from the PDC compete for a share of the £1,000,000 prize pool.

Cazoo World Cup of Darts

At times facing each other, at times side by side. That’s the PDC World Cup of Darts, a Nations Cup featuring the best two darters from each country.

Which country has the best darts duo, and which team forms the best blend?

Mobile Wins Sports | Events | Darts | Grand Slam of Darts
Cazoo Grand Slam of Darts

The Grand Slam of Darts has been an annual tournament since 2007. Qualification for the Grand Slam of Darts is through the other tournaments.

Only the winners of the other darts television tournaments qualify.

Cazoo Masters

Only the best darters can be seen at The PDC Masters darts tournament.

Each year, the best 24 darters compete in this challenging tournament, right after the PDC World Darts Championship has ended.

PaddyPower Champions League Darts

The Paddy Power Champions League of Darts was an annual non-ranking darts tournament featuring just the top eight players.

Following the COVID cancellation of the 2020 tournament the tournament was quietly shelved by the PDC.

Mobile Wins Sports | Events | Darts | PDC European Championship
PDC European Darts Championship

Since 2008, the European Championship Darts has been on the PDC calendar. The ranking tournament in late October guarantees top darts sportsmanship and performance every year.

UK Open Darts

The UK Open Darts is also known as the FA Cup of darts.
The comparison comes from the specific format of the UK Open Darts. At other tournaments seeded players meet late, but at the UK Open Darts, things are a bit different.

Ladbrokes Player’s Championship

A series of countrywide tournaments taking place over a few months, in between the other championships, that culminate in a stand off of the best darters.


  • How does the tournament format of the PDC World Series Darts differ from other competitions?

    The World Series Darts features events held in various countries, with local qualifiers joining top players. This format fosters international rivalry and global representation.

  • How do sports betting enthusiasts engage with the PDC World Series Darts?

    Sports bettors analyze players’ adaptability to different conditions, recent performances, and their track record in international events when placing bets on matches and overall outcomes.

  • Can you provide an example of a dramatic and memorable World Series Darts final?

    In 2019, Nathan Aspinall secured his first televised title by defeating Michael Smith in the final of the U.S. Darts Masters.

  • Was there a player who emerged as a surprise contender in a World Series Darts event?

    Damon Heta’s victory in the 2019 Brisbane Darts Masters, as an unseeded player, showcased the tournament’s potential for unexpected outcomes.

  • How do statistics and historical data from various World Series events influence sports bettors’ decisions?

    Analyzing players’ performances in different locations, surface conditions, and their track records in international events helps bettors make informed predictions, adding depth to the betting experience.

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