PDC World Darts Championship

The pinnacle of sportsmanship in darts. The PDC World Darts Championship. December-January. Alexandra Palace. And we’ll give you everything you need to be in top betting form when the first darts flies…

The final weeks of December bring beer, nuts, and the PDC World Darts Championship on Sky Sports. Betting on this tradition is a big deal.

Who will lift the World Champion trophy in Alexandra Palace?

Setup PDC World Darts Championship

In the PDC World Darts Championship, 96 participants compete. The top 32 are from the PDC Order of Merit, based on prize money.

The next 32 come from the Pro Tour Order of Merit, using prize money in the Players’ Championships and European Tour. The remaining 32 spots go to international qualifiers.

The tournament progresses with initial matches between Pro Tour Order of Merit and international qualifiers. The top 32 from the PDC Order of Merit enter in the second round, avoiding each other. Seeds 1 to 4 have a separate section, with seeded players meeting in the third round.

The number of sets won is crucial for betting in this tournament.

PDC Women Series

Female darters have compete in the PDC Women’s series.

It features several events where players can earn valuable ranking points. And pursue their dreams of competing in prestigious tournaments like the PDC World Darts Championship.

PDC World Darts Championship History

Darts has been a major sport in England since the beginning. Betting on the World Darts Championship was common in the 1970s.

Then came the glory years of the BDO – British Darts Organisation – with Eric Bristow dominating in the 1980s.

Phil Taylor won the BDO championship in 1990 and 1992. Players weren’t happy though with BDO’s revenues in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Which led to the formation of the World Darts Council (WDC). Who partnered with Sky Sports to televise tournaments.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Phil Taylor loses his first final

1994 marked the start of the WDC World Championship at Circus Tavern. The championship took place just before the BDO’s Embassy World Championship.

The final match was between Dennis Priestley and Phil Taylor, with Priestley winning 6-1.

Phil Taylor starts winning. A lot.

Phil Taylor then dominated the PDC World Darts Championship from 1995 to 2002, winning eight consecutive titles. He defeated Dennis Priestley four times in the final, including a 6-0 whitewash in 1998.

Peter Manley lost three finals to Taylor. In 2003, John Part beat Taylor 7-6, and in 2008, Part won his second World Champion title.

PDC World Darts Dutchies Van Barneveld and Van Gerwen

Raymond van Barneveld broke Taylor’s dominance in 2007 by defeating him in the PDC World Darts Championship final. However, this remained Barneveld’s only PDC world title. Taylor got his revenge in 2009, winning 7-1.

Since Taylor’s 2013 victory, only two Englishman have clinched the World Championship. Van Gerwen secured 3 titles (2014, 2017, 2019). Scots Gary Anderson and Peter Wright each won 2x, and Welshman Gerwyn Price claimed it in 2021.

Rob Cross won the 2018 English final against Taylor. While Michael Smith finally won in 2023, after two lost finals in 2019 and 2022.

Another English player that should be able to clinch the World Title on a good day is James Wade.

PDC World Championship Betting Odds

Odds for the Paddy Power World Darts Championship (formerly known as the Cazoo World Darts Championship) can vary. With the favourites typically having lower odds, while underdogs offer higher potential payouts.

For example, Michael van Gerwen might have outright odds of 2.00. Meaning a £100 bet would yield a £200 total payout (including your initial stake).

While an international qualifier might have outright odds of 10.00. Resulting in a possible £1,000 return for the same £100 wager.

If you’re into PDC World Championship betting, always look for specials. Like a Free Bet, Odds Boost, Profit Boost or Cashback special.

Bet PDC World Darts Championship – Statistics

Phil Taylor leads with 14 wins out of 19 final appearances in the PDC World Championship. He has participated in 25 editions.

Michael van Gerwen is the runner-up with 3 final wins. While Gary Anderson, Peter Wright, John Part, and Adrian Lewis share third place – with 2 final wins each.

England leads with 4 finalists and 18 wins, followed by the Dutch and Scottish with 2 finalists and 4 total wins. Canada has a single finalist with 2 wins, surpassing Wales, where Price reached the finals once and claimed victory.

Betting markets – PDC World Darts Championship

In PDC World Darts Championship betting, various odds or markets are available. We highlighted some of them:

Live Betting – Take advantage of real-time insights during matches, especially when a finalist is having a bad day. And not making the dart finishes you’d expect.

Handicap Betting – This lesser-known market involves betting on the point difference between two opponents. Options like -1.0 or -2.0 mean the chosen player must win with a minimum lead of one or two legs.

180s Betting – Nothing gets the crowd going than 3x triple 20. One of the more thrilling markets to bet on.

Historic Matches – PDC World Darts Championship

2017 semi-finals – Raymond van Barneveld vs Michael van Gerwen

In the 2017 semis, Dutch stars Raymond van Barneveld and Michael van Gerwen delivered a record-breaking, crowd-thrilling match.

2007 final – Phil Taylor vs Raymond van Barneveld

A legendary clash between Phil Taylor and Raymond van Barneveld, marked by a dramatic comeback.

2016 final – Gary Anderson vs Adrien Lewis

Gary Anderson secured his second title in a closely contested match with Adrian Lewis. Both achieving numerous 180s and two-time champion status.

More Darts Events

Cazoo PDC World Darts Championship

The PDC World Darts Championship in the Alexandra Palace is hailed by many as the greatest darts tournament. The best darts players in the world will cross darts to decide who is the very best in early January.

Mobile Wins Sports | Events | Darts | PDC World Series of Darts
PDC World Series of Darts

One of the most favoured tournaments in darts is the PDC World Series of Darts.

At various locations around the world, players from the top of the PDC Ranking will compete against local players.

Mobile Wins Sports | Events | Darts | Dutch Open
TOTO Dutch Open Darts

The Dutch Open is played according to the knockout system where the winner of each match advances to the next round. For fans of betting on darts, this is definitely not to be missed.

Mobile Wins Sports | Events | Darts | PDC World Grand Prix
BoyleSports PDC World Grand Prix

One of the most enjoyable tournaments on the PDC calendar is the PDC World Grand Prix. A different format, lots of excitement and unpredictability.

Mobile Wins Sports | Events | Darts | PDC Premier League
PDC Premier League Darts

The Premier League Darts is an annual competition. The Premier League Darts tournament lasts from February to May and has been organised since 2005.

Ten players from the PDC compete for a share of the £1,000,000 prize pool.

Cazoo World Cup of Darts

At times facing each other, at times side by side. That’s the PDC World Cup of Darts, a Nations Cup featuring the best two darters from each country.

Which country has the best darts duo, and which team forms the best blend?

Mobile Wins Sports | Events | Darts | Grand Slam of Darts
Cazoo Grand Slam of Darts

The Grand Slam of Darts has been an annual tournament since 2007. Qualification for the Grand Slam of Darts is through the other tournaments.

Only the winners of the other darts television tournaments qualify.

Cazoo Masters

Only the best darters can be seen at The PDC Masters darts tournament.

Each year, the best 24 darters compete in this challenging tournament, right after the PDC World Darts Championship has ended.

PaddyPower Champions League Darts

The Paddy Power Champions League of Darts was an annual non-ranking darts tournament featuring just the top eight players.

Following the COVID cancellation of the 2020 tournament the tournament was quietly shelved by the PDC.

Mobile Wins Sports | Events | Darts | PDC European Championship
PDC European Darts Championship

Since 2008, the European Championship Darts has been on the PDC calendar. The ranking tournament in late October guarantees top darts sportsmanship and performance every year.

UK Open Darts

The UK Open Darts is also known as the FA Cup of darts.
The comparison comes from the specific format of the UK Open Darts. At other tournaments seeded players meet late, but at the UK Open Darts, things are a bit different.

Ladbrokes Player’s Championship

A series of countrywide tournaments taking place over a few months, in between the other championships, that culminate in a stand off of the best darters.


  • When and where is the PDC World Darts Championship usually held?

    The PDC World Darts Championship is held annually at Alexandra Palace in London, England, during December and January.

  • Which legendary player retired after the 2017 PDC World Darts Championship, marking the end of an era?

    Phil Taylor bid farewell to competitive darts after the 2017 PDC World Darts Championship, leaving a lasting legacy.

  • What is a memorable PDC World Darts Championship final where two top players faced off in an epic showdown?

    The 2013 final between Phil Taylor and Michael van Gerwen showcased a battle between generations, with van Gerwen emerging victorious.

  • Who holds the record for the most PDC World Darts Championship titles?

    Phil Taylor, often referred to as “The Power,” holds the record with a staggering 14 PDC World Darts Championship titles.

  • When was the first PDC World Darts Championship held?

    The inaugural PDC World Darts Championship took place in 1994, with Dennis Priestley emerging as the first champion.

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