Football Betting Strategy

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Welcome to the most complete Football Betting Guide you will ever come across on the internet. You are probably scrolling through now, seeing the wall of text that should justify this claim; but do not worry. We have distributed all this information on designated pages so that you can find just the piece of football betting strategy that you are missing. In this article you will find all the important basics. For more information on Champions League and Europa League Betting, Premier League Betting or specific team betting. Please follow the links and the flow that comes with it.

But first things first. What is football betting and why is it so popular? In the 21st century, football betting is the biggest betting market in the world. And the competition is not even close. This has not always been the case. Horse running was actually the first sport that really attracted gamblers. Football however became such a big sport in almost every corner of the world, that it became the biggest in everything. Biggest salaries, biggest stadiums, biggest competitions and biggest betting culture. Like the country where modern football started, England, betting has been prevalent here without comparison. Football betting can be as simple or difficult as you want to make it. You can place an outright winner bet for a match to come or you can do some advanced live betting with accumulators. The possibilities are as diverse as the flavors of people that are placing the bets. If you are reading this because to begin with football betting, we advise you not to start too complicated. A good way to start is to use the betting strategy that we have devised for you:

Football Betting Strategy

A strategy consists of multiple ‘laws’ that you should apply consistently whenever you place a bet. You will find yourself often tempted to place a bet that is not in sync with the important betting basics. Usually these bets are too good to be true, and for a reason. As you gain more experience betting, you will find that your judgement on whether to follow your guts or this guide will drastically improve. The ultimate goal of a football betting strategy is not having to use one. In our guide, we have eight pillars that should be the fundamental of a successful strategy. Let’s go over them one by one shall we:

Listen to the experts

When it comes to football, we are all experts. Aren’t we? At least we think we are. And undoubtedly everyone has knowledge of football to some degree, but leave the term ‘experts’ to the experts. In other words, understanding your own lack of knowledge versus the opinion of actual experts can really be profitable. And with experts we do not refer to the neighbor who has ‘an insider’s tip’.

Keep a betting record

There are multiple sayings that refer to people making the same mistake twice. When it comes to betting, you would be surprised by how many people are making the same mistake countless times. Why? Because they do not keep a track record of their betting history. Analyzing previous bets is one of the easiest and best ways to improve your betting record. Taking betting seriously means more than placing simply more bets, it’s about learning.

Don’t bet as a supporter

Stay away from clubs that you have a soft spot for. In other matches, try to stay as impartial as possible. Take on the mindset of a referee. In other words: bet with your brain, not with your heart. Leave emotions out of the equation. This also means that you should not try to cover your losses with another bet. Leave emotions out of winning as well as losing. This also prevents you from developing addictive habits.

Stop listening to experts

Yes, we are arguing with our own advice here. When you start your football betting strategy you should really (and we can’t stress that enough) rely on the opinion of experts. Not just experts on football, but experts on betting as well. At a certain point however, you will develop your own style, your own niche and your own knowledge about the game and about betting. When you feel comfortable about your own experience, let go of the training wheels and become someone that other people listen to. This means that you should approach every game like you are the trainer. Yes, in that detail.

Understand odds

Small odds are small because they are likely to happen. Understanding the very meaning of this sentence will be crucial for all that is said above. Large odds are tempting, but they are large because they are unlikely to happen. Valuing odds is essential. This again means leaving emotions out of your judgement. This also means that having knowledge means that you can make an estimation of where odds are off.

Know your market and find a suitable bookmaker

A bookmaker is more than a bonus. Bookmakers have their own market just like you. The trick is to make them match. Finding the right market (for example the championship) and the bookmaker that offers the best odds and best promotions for that market is a far better strategy than going from welcome bonus to welcome bonus. Don’t be Timmy.

Mobile Wins offers Football betting around the world

As a full service bookmaker we try to offer you the complete online betting experience. This means we are active in as many markets with as competitive odds as possible. We complement this with bonuses that are always in line with the players, competitions and tournaments that are hot at the time. And everything is mobile, of course.

These claims can’t go with a list of examples. We put our money where our mouth is:

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Understanding Football Systems

In this article we would like to explain some basics that are important to understand football and make predictions. To begin with, there are different football systems. There is never one system that is best. Every system has its weaknesses. For example, in the Netherlands, 4-3-3, also known as the ‘Dutch school’ is the most popular (or was at least until 2014). Rinus Michels introduced the term ‘total football’ and that immediately indicates what you are trying to achieve with this setup: every player participates in every position on the field. This creates confusion for the opponent and man cover is almost impossible. The keeper participates in the build-up, the defense moves to the midfield and the midfield participates in the front.

The problem with this tactic is that it depends on the individual class of the players. That is why you see today that only the top teams such as Barcelona, Bayern Munich and Manchester City still play total football under Guardiola. In the Netherlands this way of playing was long sacred, but not anymore. Especially defensively strong teams that play on the counter mercilessly punish the 4-3-3 system when this is not executed perfectly. This could be a 5-3-2 system, popular with José Mourinho and in Italy. You see that recently coaches have a ‘plan b’ when they see their main strategy is countered.

Another commonly used ‘classic’ system is 4-4-2. This system is more popular in England and can be played in a variety of ways. For example with a diamond in the middle or not. The advantage of a 4-4-2 system is a delicate build up with covering of the flanks. The disadvantage in the system is that the 2 attackers are isolated when the midfield is lost. The two wingers have to play both midfield and attacking in this system, so a lot is demanded of them. Although recently the backs in the 5-3-2 have to cover the entire flank. By understanding these systems and knowing which club plays with which system, you can better estimate the matches to come!

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