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At Mobile Wins we offer a huge variety of slot games from popular to very specific. Whichever one you like, you can find it. Odds are it will show up at our featured slots page. If you know the name of the slot, you can also enter it in the search box. Lastly, you can go through our slots category page and find new slot games to play. In the following sum up, the wide variety of slots are displayed:

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Slot Games

Slot games are the mostly searched for and played casino games. Slots originated from fruit machines but have developed quite fast since. The lads from down under call it pokies. A true transformation took place from slot machines to slot games as we know them now. Game such as Theme Park have broken though the categories. They continue to surprise players with new experience thatMobile Wins offers. Browse through all pokies here.


This category has become so well known that in other languages and local slang words were invented. You can play any kind of casino game at Mobile Wins including pokies. Male or female we have the right pokies for you! Just click here to play pokies.

Slot Machines

Remember the time you entered a casino through its doors and sat down at an old and heavy machine. The thrill of pulling on the handled? Neither do we! Because the new generation of slot machines provide a much better experience. Even better, you decide when and where to play! The slot machines have transferred into a digital screen that only requires a tap to spin. You got to love technology! Play now at Mobile Wins

Fruit Machines

The original slot machines were also fruit machines. Simple machines with combinations of banana’s and apples. Although enjoyable for a time, it get’s old very quickly. This started the development of more advanced fruit machines. Not soon after they became slot machines due to the different themes and options attached. We have 850+ slot machines available for you. And all these types both old and new can be enjoyed at Mobile Wins right here.

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