Chances to win big; the semi-pro circuit

How do bookmakers decide on their odds? Well, a magician never truly tells ofcourse. But, you can assume that bookmakers have a closer watch on the major leagues and teams. Making the odds on the regional and semi-professional circuit a ‘wild west’ of odds. A place where you can win big, and likewise, lose big… Continue reading Chances to win big; the semi-pro circuit

Sweet taste of revenge: Fissure Style

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What is the best way of letting your former team know that benching you was the wrong decision? Exactly; by stomping them ruthlessly. This is exactly what Overwatch tank player Chan-Hyung ‘fissure’ Baek had in mind last weekend. Spending stage one on the bench as part of London Spitfire, he got his revenge by taking… Continue reading Sweet taste of revenge: Fissure Style

GG WP 2017! Enter eSports 2018

2017 was the year that we finally got to play PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, the year where Blizzard had to take back their ‘you think do, but you don’t’ and the year that Vasilii lost it on Twitch and got banned from the eSports scene. Before we tell you what you can expect in 2018, we made… Continue reading GG WP 2017! Enter eSports 2018

Overwatch League has started!

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The brand new Overwatch League has officially kicked off. And what a start it was, featuring the classic rivalry between Dallas Fuel (formerly EnVyUs) and Seoul Dynasty (formerly Lunatic-Hai). West versus East. The League seems successful in its efforts to make Overwatch one of the top eSports and to increase professionalism in eSports. Most professional… Continue reading Overwatch League has started!

The best gamer girls in Counter-Strike

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Ever got beaten by a girl in video games? Those girls are nothing compared to these professional gamer girls. They are smart, hot and kick major ass. Mobile Wins brings you the best gamer girls in Counter-Strike. And if you want to earn money with eSports yourself, check out Mobile Wins Esports!   missharvey This… Continue reading The best gamer girls in Counter-Strike

A 50 Million Dollar eSports Prize Pool?

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Biggest eSports prize pool ever Imagine playing your favourite videogame for a 50 million dollar eSports prize pool. You win, lift the trophy and get handed a cheque. You just earned 20 million dollars for winning first place. Crazy fantasy, right? This tournament might actually happen in the next five years. Prize pools in all… Continue reading A 50 Million Dollar eSports Prize Pool?

ESL Pro League Finals Preview

This week in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive features the ESL Pro League Finals. The best 12 EU and NA teams have fought their way to the live finals in Denmark. The event will take six days. The total prize pool is $750,000. You too can earn a lot of money with Mobile Wins betting. Read on… Continue reading ESL Pro League Finals Preview

Spotlight: FaZe Clan CS:GO eSports

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FaZe Clan’s Superstars FaZe Clan made their debut in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in 2016. The team was known as the most prestigious Call of Duty eSports team and as YouTube famous. FaZe was initially plagued with bad results and roster changes. Finally, the eSports dream team is here. Five of the best players in the… Continue reading Spotlight: FaZe Clan CS:GO eSports

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